Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: What will Virat do when he finds Sai?

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The viewers are tensed now with Virat’s angry mode and looking forward to his reaction when he finds Sai with Devyani and Pulkit

In the previous episode we had seen Pulkit told Devyani that this lodge is one of the finest venues in Nagpur. Pulkit also told Devyani that his patients helped him in all the marriage preparations. Virat got furious at Sai and told no one has the right to play with his sister’s life. Pakhi instigated him further against Sai.

Madhuri introduced herself as Pulkit’s sister and told she will take care of her. Virat decided never to forgive Sai for this act of hers. Devyani asked Pulkit what happened to their child? Pulkit told her about Harini and said they will meet her after their marriage. Pakhi burnt the letter she wrote as Sangita Deshpande and framed it on Sai. Sai helped Devyani dress up and told she is looking gorgeous. Madhuri gave saree and jewelleries to Sai and Devyani made Sai promise that she won’t leave before her marriage. Sai got worried about Virat.

In the upcoming episode Virat will reach Pulkit’s house and will find it locked. The neighbors will tell him that Pulkit was dressed like he is getting married. Virat will trace Sai’s phone and find out her location. Bhavani will tell Ninad and Omkar to come with her. Sai will pray to God that Virat shouldn’t reach there before Devyani’s marriage.

Will Virat find Sai and Devyani before the marriage is over?

What will Virat do next?

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