Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Will Pakhi accept Virat and Sai’s closeness?

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The fun filled Holi week comes to an end today after entertaining the viewers to core.

Pakhi thinks about applying color to Virat and dancing with him on Rang barse. Karishma asks her what is she thinking? Pakhi watches Virat and Sai get intimate. Virat feels Sai’s maang within colors and throws a dupatta on her face. Pakhi thinks how shameless has Virat become that he is kissing Sai in front of everyone. Pulkit tells Madhuri he is getting worried and he can’t understand how will Sai bring Devyani from Chavan Nivas.

Virat tells Pakhi that Sai is his wife and asks her to accept it. Pakhi tells how can I accept that you are breaking all your promises? Karishma tells Virat that Bhavani was asking about him. Sai applies colors to her and tells you will play Holi with Pulkit sir. Devyani asks how will meet Pulkit? Sai tells she will take Devyani to Pulkit. Mohit plays song of Virat and Samrat’s choice. Virat and Sunny perform on Jai Jai Shiv Shankar. Virat imagines himself performing with Samrat and gets heartbroken when he realizes he is actually dancing with Sunny.

Devyani asks Sai if she will really take her to Pulkit? Sai tells Pulkit has made all preparations to marry you and he is waiting for you. Devyani asks how will we go? Bhawani, Ninad and Omkar will beat us a lot if they find out about it. Sai tells her to calm down and tells Pulkit has made all arrangements. Sai tells you were waiting for Pulkit since so many years so now it is time for you to unite. Sai tries to sneak out of the back door with Devyani but is stopped by Bhavani.

In the upcoming episode Sai sneaks out of the house with Devyani but Virat watches her waiting for cab on road.

Will Virat stop Sai from getting Pulkit and Devyani married?

Can Sai convince Virat?

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