Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Will Sai get caught trying to escape with Devyani?

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The viewers are enjoying Virat finally having realized he’s love for Sai and are eager to find out Sai’s reaction when Virat confesses this to her.

Today’s episode starts with Bhavani stopping Sai while she is trying to sneak out of the house with Devyani. Devyani hides behind the couch before Bhavani can catch her. Sai promises Devyani to get her married to Pulkit.

Sonali makes fun of Omkar for staring too much at Barkha. Bhavani gives money and silver coins to Barkha and invites her for next year Holi. Everyone bids Barkha goodbye. Barkha praises Virat and Sai’s dance and asks him to take good care of Sai. Sai is waiting on the road for cab with Devyani. Virat is intoxicated with Bhaang and he thinks he is imagining Sai everywhere. Pakhi’s parents join the Holi celebration.

Virat recalls his moment with Sai during Holi and wonders if Sai became upset. He decides to freshen up and tell I love you to Sai. Pulkit is worried about the drama that is going to follow his marriage with Devyani. The episode end with Virat freshening up and looking for Sai.

In the upcoming episode Virat asks Ashwini where is Sai? Pakhi’s father tells we saw Sai and Devyani in cab while coming here. Pakhi tells I think she took Devyani to Pulkit. Sai has reached Pulkit and Madhuri with Devyani. Virat tells if Sai really took this step I have no idea what I will do.

Will Sai become successful in getting Devyani and Pulkit married?

What will Virat do on finding out about this?

Keep watching the latest episodes of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein to find out what happens next when Virat finds out what Sai has done only on Star Plus and Hotstar.