Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Will Sai get caught while following Ninad and Omkar?

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After Sai finding out about Pulkit’s kidnap the viewers are now excited to watch how Sai is going to save him and expose the culprits behind the kidnapping.

Sai tells Virat that she is tired. Virat tells he will return before Holi. Ashwini watches Sai leave the house. Madhuri tells Sai two people left in a car. Sai asks Madhuri how are we going to find Pulkit sir now? Madhuri tells I have kept my phone inside the car with live location turned on. Ashwini tries calling Sai but Sai doesn’t pick up the call so she decides to inform Bhavani. She tells Bhavani that I saw Sai leaving with some lady.

Bhavani calls Ninad and tells Sai has went somewhere, she tells she is afraid that Sai maybe following her. Ninad stops the car and waits for Sai. Sai wonders if they are doubting her. Omkar and Ninad tell let us first take care of Dadu and we will talk about Sai after returning home. Ninad closes the back door of car and Madhuri’s phone falls out of the car. Sai keeps following Madhuri’s phone and losses track of Ninad and Omkar.

Madhuri finds her phone lying on the ground. Sai tells now how are we going to find Pulkit? Omkar and Ninad tells Dadu why is he demanding more ransom? Dadu tells he didn’t send any letter and if he wanted to blackmail he would have called. He tells maybe you have some new enemy who knows that you have kidnapped Pulkit. Omkar and Ninad thinks if Sai threw the letter. Sai decides to free Pulkit at any cost.

In the upcoming episode Virat takes Sai’s phone and asks whom is she talking with? Pulkit? Sai tells why do you think I will listen to everything you say. Virat points a gun at Sai and tells he didn’t want to do this but Sai has left him with no choice and fires it. It is a water gun and Virat says Bura na Mano Holi hai.

With Virat’s return can Sai find Pulkit quicker?

What will happen in Chavan family’s holi?

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