Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Will Sai go back to Gadchiroli?

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Virat stays adamant on his decision to throw Sai out of the house and this angers Sai, the viewers want to know what is going to be her next step?

In the current track we have seen Shivani telling today everyone is feeling for Devyani but we all know how she was being treated inside closed room. Sai tells I will see how Virat runs away from his responsibility today and she challenges Virat to prove Pulkit a fraud.

Ashwini questions her upbringing? Virat tells everyone to forget about Sai like a bad dream. Sai tells Usha she doesn’t care, she wanted to return Devyani’s happiness and she did it.

Devyani enters Pulkit’s house completing all the rituals. She says now she can do whatever she want and no one will scold her. Virat gets emotional on remembering his moments with Sai on Holi. Pakhi tries to question Ashwini’s constant support for Sai which makes Virat furious.

Pakhi says she will bring food for them in their room. Virat tells her to put the food on dining table, he will join her there. Ashwini brings food for Sai and Usha. The episode ended with Bhavani watching Ashwini trying to feed Sai.

In the upcoming episode Sai will gather crowd outside Chavan Nivas and tell that the people of Chavan Nivas deserve such a scene. Virat will tell the result of all this won’t be good. She will tell she was thrown out of the house but she doesn’t care about that, she will pray that nothing wrong happens to Devyani.

What is Sai planning to do?

Can Virat find out Pulkit’s truth before it’s too late?

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