Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Will Virat arrest Pulkit?

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The viewers are excited to watch Devyani and Pulkit’s marriage finally after a long wait but is Virat going to interrupt this marriage?

In the current track, we see Devyani and Pulkit taking wedding vows. Madhuri thanks Sai for getting Devyani and Madhuri. Virat enters just before the last vow and says this marriage won’t happen because it is against the law. Sai tells how can you say this marriage is against the law? Virat tells Sai you know everything. Bhavani tells today history will repeat itself. Virat asks Bhavani why did she come here? Devyani tells Bhavani you are liar and you never think about my well-being. Devyani asks Virat doesn’t he want to see his sister happy?

Devyani asks why should I go to that house where no one cares about my happiness? They leave me alone and lock me inside the room and give me wrong medicine. Devyani tells I will stay with my husband. Sai tells Bhavani they are getting the chance to rectify their mistake so they should give their blessings to Devyani and Pulkit. Pulkit tells I never did any crime, I am a honest person and I loved Devyani truly so I called everyone because I want to show them that I and Devyani are one. Pulkit tells Devyani is not mentally weak, she was being given wrong medicines so I asked Sai to discontinue them.

Madhuri tells all this allegations against my brother are false. Bhavani tells you are a allegation on brother and sister’s relation. Pulkit tells Bhavani how dare she question his relation with Madhuri like this? Virat asks Bhavani to let him do his work and not speak in between. Virat tells Pulkit you are under arrest and the episode ends with Sai coming in between Pulkit and Virat.

In the upcoming episode Bhavani will try to separate Pulkit from Devyani but Devyani pushes her away. Virat tells Pulkit that till he cannot prove himself innocent his marriage won’t happen. Sai, Madhuri and other guests form a human chain around Pulkit and Devyani and tells Pandit ji to start reading the mantras as the last Phera will take place now.

Will Devyani and Pulkit’s be able to take the last Fera?

What action is furious Virat going to take?

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