Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Will Virat be able to confess his feelings?

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The viewers are enjoying the new episodes after Virat’s return and they are eagerly waiting for Virat to tell Sai about his feelings.

Ninad and Omkar praise Barkha’s dance. Bhavani thanks Barkha for adding colors to Chavan family’s Holi. Bhavani introduces Pakhi to Barkha.Bhavani tells Sai is Virat’s wife and Virat brought her from jungle. Sai tells Barkha she is from the same village as her. Brakha tells Bhavani so you were making fun of my village? Bhavani tells I was joking and I keep joking like this with Sai.

Sunny tells Virat are you just going to stare at Sai or will you confess your feelings? He makes Virat drink another thandai. Virat tells him to watch what he is going to do. Barkha tells Sai maybe someone mixed something in your food.Sai thinks how will see meet Pulkit in this condition. Madhuri tells Pulkit to be happy because you have done all arrangements according to Devyani’s choice. Pulkit tells I thought Devyani’s family will participate happily in my marriage but nothing like that is going to happen.

Pulkit texts Sai that all arrangements have been made on his side.Virat stammers in telling his feelings to Sai. Sunny makes fun of Virat again. Mohit tells Sai that Sunny mixed a little special powder in the bhajiyas. Sai texts Pulkit that she is leaving with Devyani and will reach within one hour.

Virat stops Sai and Rang barse starts playing in BM. Virat and Sai starts dancing on Range Barse Bheege Chunar Waali. Pakhi gets jealous watching Virat dancing with Sai. In the next episode we are going to watch Virat and Sai get intimate and Pakhi’s heart is broken watching them so close.

Will Sai’s plan of uniting Devyani and Pulkit be successful?

What will be Sai’s reaction to Virat confessing his feelings?

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