Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: Will Virat try to listen to Sai?

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Virat has decided to throw Sai out of the house and the viewers are eager to find out what is going to be Sai’s reaction to this decision.

In the current episode Sai knocks the door and calling for Ashwini and Usha. Virat tells he doesn’t care what Sai’s answers are, he has decided she won’t enter the house. Sai tells I did not do anything wrong and my heart knows whatever I did is absolutely right. Virat tells I regret trusting you for giving you so many chances but now I won’t let you enter this house and asks her to leave the house forever.

Virat tells Sai you broke my trust. Sai remembers Pulkit asking her to promise that she won’t tell Virat anything about his promise and stays silent. Virat tells his decision is Sai Joshi won’t enter Chavan Nivas and asks Sai to take Usha with her.

Sai asks Pakhi what has she done for anyone other than herself? Sai tells I have no regret for what I did and why should I apologize when I didn’t do anything wrong? Bhavani tells we gave her enough chances and tells Sai to leave. Mohit tells Virat to at least listen to Sai once. Virat tells Sai won’t stay in this house. The episode ends with Sai telling she won’t apologize at any cost.

In the upcoming episode Sai will gather crowd outside Chavan Nivas and tell the people of Chavan Nivas deserve such a scene. She will tell she was thrown out of the house but she doesn’t care about that, she will pray that nothing wrong happens to Devyani.

Will Sai re-enter Chavan Nivas?

Will Virat find out about Pulkit’s honesty?

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