Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 10th January 2023 Written Update: Sai sneaks inside the orphanage

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 10th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat making a request to Dr. Ashok and insist him not to reveal the truth about Vinu to Sai. The latter gets confused while Virat makes him understand that it is important. Dr. Ashok agrees to him and assures that he won’t give any information to Sai, while Virat gets relieved and goes away from there. Meanwhile, Dr. Ashok returns back to his cabin and gets confronted by Sai. She reminds him that he was telling about someone who also came to enquire about the bus accident matter. She questions him about the person, to which Dr. Ashok gets into turmoil.

Here, Ashok handles the situation and changes the topic stating that he was talking about some other bus accident. Sai gets confused and replies that she specifically mentioned about the route of her bus. Ashok lies to her and apologises that he got confused. She then gets upset but ask him to give any information for the bus accident. He again apologises to her telling that their computer only have 5 years of data.

Ashok states that the other informations would be inside the store room, to which Sai tells that she can go there and search for the file. Ashok denies stating that it won’t be such a help for Sai and then questions her that why she needs it? She was about to reveal the truth but then stops herself and lies that she just wanted to study about the case files.

Elsewhere, Sai leaves Ashok’s cabin being disheartened. At that time she calls Anandi and talks to her regarding the information of the child. The latter says that she already had Sai’s number as she has worked with them previously. She questions that if Sai wants to rejoin them? To which the latter laughs and denies. She tells that she wants certain help from Anandi and ask her to give some information about the survivor child of the bus accident.

Anandi denies Sai’s request and says that it’s against their protocol. She states that she can’t give the information to Sai and apologises to her, while the latter gets upset. She tries to convince Anandi but the latter stays firm on her decision. Sai breaks down and sits on the bench being disheartened.

Ahead, Virat sees Sai crying and feels bad for her. He says that he is helpless and also regrets his decision. He also gets emotional and then leaves from there after feeling sorry for her. Meanwhile, Sai returns back to her house and looks at her father’s portrait being emotional. She then imagines her father who motivates her to stay determined.

Sai’s father reminds her that how she was adamant to find him when he was lost in the jungle. He states that everyone said that he is dead, but she stands against everyone and forced them to look for him. He encourages her not to stop looking for Vinu, while she gets determined and decided to sneak inside the orphanage to get information.

Further, Bhavani ask Sonali to give her the voters list. Meanwhile, the latter stays lost in her son’s thought. Bhavani scolds her while Omkar tells that they are going through mental pain. Whereas, a bouquet comes for Shivani from Rajiv and it gets revealed that she is pregnant. Meanwhile, Sai hides from the watchman and goes inside the orphanage in order to find information about the survivor kid of the bus accident.

Precap:- Sai gets restless to find information about Vinu. Anandi doesn’t notify her about anything, so Sai decided to find the truth on her own. She sneak inside the orphanage and tries to find information from their computer. Meanwhile, the watchman and staff caught her. They called Virat and told him about the matter while he gets shocked.

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