Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th February 2022 Written Update: Virat gets concerned about Sai

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th February 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai remembering her moments with Virat sitting inside their room and cries. She gets up and tries to control her emotions. She then remembers Pakhi telling about Virat’s condition and worries for him. She gets flashes of how he was concerned for her when he saw that she is suffering from fever. She gets frustrated with her memories of Virat and tries to block them. Meanwhile, at that time Ashwini comes there and hugs Sai to comfort her.

Here, Ashwini shows her care towards Sai and ask if Virat’s memories are disturbing her? To which Sai nods positively. Meanwhile, Ninad also comes there and joins them. He says that Sai can stay in their room if she don’t want to stay in her room. Whereas, Devyani also comes there and scolds Sai for hiding about her fever.

Devyani scolds Sai for not looking after herself even when she is a doctor and shows her concern. Meanwhile, Pulkit also cokes there and says how Devyani called him there to look after Sai. He advice latter to rest and shows his happiness stating that she have done right thing by coming to stay with her family.

Elsewhere, Virat wears his t-shirt wrongly while Shruti tries to help him to remove it. He gets shocked seeing her closeness and questions her, to which she shows him hisbt-shirt. He immediately changes it and warns Shruti not to come near him.

At that time someone rings the door and they opens it to get shocked seeing Mohit, pakhi and Samrat. Virat questions them for their visit, to which Samrat notify that Shruti tries to contact them. She gives her justification that Virat was ill and she didn’t knew anyone else there, so that is why she called at his home. Samrat mocks her and says that Virat is looking all fine. She tries to make them convince that Virat was ill before doctor treated him, but they denies to believe her.

Ahead, Samrat insults Shruti along with Pakhi and talks ill about her child. Meanwhile, Virat gets furious and warns Pakhi not to cross her limit. Samrat takes a stand for his wife, while Shruti cries stating that she thought Samrat came to check upon Virat, but she was wrong as he doesn’t care about him at all.

Samrat unintentionally tells about Sai staying with and ask Virat not to disturb them. He also notify Virat about Sai being unwell, while Virat gets concerned and questions if her fever increased? Virat and others gets confused and ask that how Virat knows about Sai’s state? Virat tells that he met Sai and that’s how he learn about her fever, but she had thrown him out of her room so he couldn’t able to do anything.

Further, Samrat blames Virat for not telling them about Sai’s fever. Pakhi taunts that he will only listen to Shruti’s orders. Mohit also mocks Virat, while latter keeps worrying about Sai and requests Samrat to let him talk to her, but latter denies. He also warns Shruti not to call them ever again. Whereas, Sai determines to throw Virat out of her life and mind. Later, she removes her nuptial chain and returns it to Ashwini asking to give it to Shruti as she is Virat’s wife.

Precap:- Sadanand reveals himself in front of his gang, while they gets elated upon seeing him. He ask about Shruti, to which they notify that she have gone along with Virat. Meanwhile, Shruti shows her gratitude towards Virat and cries telling that she respects him a lot. He comforts her, while she hugs him tightly talking about Sadanand. Whereas, Virat gets shocked seeing Sadanand inside his room, while he keeps glaring Shruti being furious.

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