Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th June 2024 Written Update: Isha decides to stop Ishaan and Reeva’s wedding

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shantanu saying to Isha that her son needs her and asks Isha if she will stay on her decision of not going to Ishaan. Isha says to Shantanu that she was never there for Ishaan when he was a kid. Isha says she regrets it to today. Isha says Savi will be a good partner for Ishaan. Isha says to Shantanu that she will not allow Ishaan to sacrifice his happiness by doing this wedding. Isha says they should stop the wedding and says to Shantanu that they should return to India. Shantanu agrees.

The Bhosle family will play a game with Durva rules. Durva says they will turn the bottle and once the bottle points to someone they will be asked a question and they should lie for the answer. Durva says the person who tells the truth will be punished and Ishaan will decide the punishment. Everyone agrees.

Savi sees the decorators coming and putting the board of Reeva and Ishaan’s wedding.

A constable opens Bhawar Patil’s cell. Bhawar Patil comes out of the cell.

The bottle spins and points to Shikha. Durva asks Shikha what is her relationship with Chinmay. Shikha says he is the father of her child. Durva says she lost. Ishaan punishes Shikha asking her to do dance with Chinmay. Chinmay agrees.

Chinmay and Shikha dance for a song. Ishaan after that praises Chinmay and Shikha’s dance. Ishaan acts as if he is talking to the baby in Shikha and says the baby wants to be a dancer. Yashwant says the mistake in this house will not repeated again. Ishaan comments on it. Ishaan says to the baby in Shikha’s womb that he can become whatever he wants and says to him that Ishaan will support him. Ishaan says they will tickle Yashwant in such a way that Yashwant will have no choice but saying yes. Ishaan tickles Yashwant and eases the mood.

Durva spins the bottle again. The bottle points to Anvi. Ishaan asks Anvi if there is anyone special in her life. Anvi says no. Ishaan says he knows there is someone in her life. Ishaan says to his family he is a student of their college who is doing masters and he comes from a well reputed family.

Bhawar Patil gets onto a truck which is leaving the police station and escapes from prison.

The bottle points to Nishikanth. Ishaan asks Nishikanth if he will prepare a tea for Ashmita if she asks him. Nishikanth says no. Ishaan asks Nishikanth if he wants a person like him to be husband for both of his daughters. Nishikanth recalls his rude behaviour with Ashmita and says he would never want a person like him to be a husband for Durva and Anvi. Ishaan asks Nishikanth to be a good husband from today onwards and make tea for Ashmita right away. Nishikanth agrees.

Savi sees the standee of Reeva and Ishaan’s wedding has fallen. Savi makes it stand.

Bhawar Patil is shown to have a killed a guy and took his truck.

The bottle points to Yashwant. Durva asks Yashwant to praise Ishaan. Yashwant says Ishaan doesn’t know anything and he taught him everything. Ishaan asks Yashwant to teach him how to wear Pag for the wedding. Yashwant agrees.

Ishaan later gifts a car key to Durva and surprised her. The bottle later points to Ishaan. Chinmay asks Ishaan who is the most special person in his life. Ishaan says Savi.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Ishaan and Savi get ready for their wedding but bomb blasts go off in their wedding. Someone is shown to be shooting. Ishaan and Savi hug each other.

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