Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th November 2022 Written Update: Sai sneaks inside Chavans house

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pakhi confronting Virat about his decision, to which he proclaims to tell the truth about his relationship with Savi to her. He also expresses his anger towards Sai and determines to make her pay for it. He states that he will teach her a lesson and will make her repent for her mistake of keeping Savi away from him. He gets furious at Sai while Pakhi hears him being worried. She becomes clueless and then goes out of the room. Whereas, Virat goes towards Savi and Vinayak and ask them to sleep. He spends quality time with them and smiles seeing both his kids.

Here, Virat takes Savi and Vinayak to their bed and makes them sleep close to him. He ask Savi to close her eyes and try to sleep, while she keeps looking at him being elated. She feels contented of having Virat near her and requests him to sing a lullaby. He smiles and accepts her request. He taps her head making her sleep and sings an emotional lullaby for both his kids.

Sai gets the phone to make a call while she immediately calls Usha and ask about her whereabouts. The latter cries and tells that she wasn’t getting where to go, so she called Jagtap and asked him for help. Sai gets furious and scolds Usha for taking Jagtap’s help, as he was the one responsible for all the mess. Meanwhile, the latter replies that she was clueless at that moment.

Elsewhere, Sai proclaims that she will take Savi back from Virat anyhow while Usha shows her concern towards Sai. The latter ends the call assuring Usha while at that time the lady constable comes there to take the phone back from Sai. The latter insists to make one more call and somehow convinces the constable for it.

Ninad and Ashwini peaks inside Virat’s room and sees him singing lullaby for his kids. They becomes emotional and recalls the time when he was small. They stares that the time flies while they feels happy for Virat after seeing his smile to get his daughter back. They both congratulate one another for becoming grandparents, while Ashwini shows her concern towards Pakhi and states that she waited for Virat since so long but her destiny has some other plans.

Ahead, Ashwini states that Pakhi have to face a lot of difficulty in her life. She also comments upon Sai and Virat’s relationship and says that destiny again reunited them through Savi. Whereas, they goes downstairs and sees Pakhi sitting on the dinning table. They goes towards her while she starts behaving weirdly. She tries to engage herself in work but Ashwini stops her and confronts about the matter.

Pakhi breaks down in front of Ashwini and cries after hugging the latter. She expresses her pain while Ashwini tries to console her. Meanwhile, Sai calls Virat but he doesn’t picks her call. She gets disappointed and states that he even blocked her number from Vinayak’s phone. She gets furious at Virat and states that how low he will stoop to keep Savi away from her. Meanwhile, Virat calls the police office and ask her to snatch Sai’s phone. She did as per instructions while Sai gets mad.

Further, Sai sneaks out of interrogation room and points gun at the police officers. She determines to get Savi back while they tries to stop her. She takes their phone and calls DIG sir. He comes to meet her and finds about the matter. She insists him for help while he reminds her about her mistake. She apologises but states that she can’t live without her daughter. He scolds the police officer for keeping Sai without FIR. Whereas, Sai sneaks insists Chavans house and takes Savi away from there, but the latter screams Virat’s name.

Precap:- Virat wakes up and gets shocked upon not finding Savi. He becomes restless and starts shouting her name. Chavans also gets tensed and looks for Savi but couldn’t able to find her. Meanwhile, Virat suspects Sai behind it while Savi is seen walking with her mother. Whereas, Virat gets suspicious about Jagtap and proclaims that he won’t leave him. He determines to teach a lesson to Jagtap for snatching Savi from him.

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