Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 12th November 2023 Written Update: Shantanu makes Ishaan realise his mistake

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 12th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Savi questioning Ishaan why he insulted her by organising her birthday party. Ishaan accuses her that she invited Bajirao to the party and enjoyed the party with Bajirao. He asks if she is dating Baji. Savi says she just has respect for Bajirao and tells him that she didn’t invite Bajirao to the party. Ishaan rebukes her. Savi continues to argue with him.


Samarth sees Durva left her bag in his home and thinks she wantonly left this bag. Samarth comes out and sees Ishaan there. Savi asks Ishaan to not be involved in her personal life. Ishaan tells her that their relationship will be up to the classroom from here onwards. Savi agrees and leaves. Samarth comes out and gives Durva’s bag to Ishaan.

Isha asks Shantanu to explain the scenario to Ishaan in a cool way. He asks how she knows that he is going to meet Ishaan. Isha says she knows about it.

In the cafe, Ishaan sees money and thinks about Savi’s behavior. Shantanu meets Ishaan and tells him that it’s bad manners to leave the party in the middle which he organised. Ishaan nods yes. Shantanu sees money in Ishaan’s hand and questions about it. Ishaan reveals how Savi returned the canteen bill he paid. He comments on Savi’s behaviour. Shantanu makes Ishaan realise his mistake with an example. He tells Ishaan how he hurt Savi’s self-respect with his actions and reveals he invited Bajirao to the party. Ishaan comments on Bajirao and Savi’s behavior in the party. Shantanu asks why he is worried about Savi and Bajirao’s closeness. Ishaan ends the topic by saying he needs to go to Durva’s engagement shopping. Shantanu asks about shopping. Ishaan asks if he didn’t know about Durva’s engagement. Shantanu says Yashwant didn’t inform me. He asks Ishaan to carry on and leaves.

Savi returns to the hostel. She starts opening her birthday gifts. She feels happy seeing her gifts. She sees Ishaan’s gift and letter. She recalls Ishaan’s comments on her and Bajirao. She thinks it’s difficult to understand Ishaan.

Surekha gives instructions to Asmita and Shika on what they have to do in the engagement. Ishaan thinks of Reeva seeing Durva’s engagement board. Surekha asks Yashwant to go and talk to Ishaan as Ishaan might recall Reeva seeing the arrangements made for Durva and Samarth. Yashwant agrees.

Yashwant asks Ishaan if he is alright. Ishaan says he is alright and he just wants to forget all the painful memories. Surekha asks Nishikanth if he called the singer for Kojagari Purnima. Nishikanth says Ishaan used to make all the arrangements for the singer. Ishaan says he forgot about it and says he will call them right away. Surekha comments on Ishaan not fulfilling his duty well. Ishaan pleads Surekha to talk to him. Surekha just stays silent.

Ishaan calls Santosh the singer and asks Santosh if he is free to perform in their house on Kojagari Purnima. Santosh says his mother is sick so he cancelled all his performances and says he can’t do that performance. Ishaan asks Santosh if there is any other singer who will perform. Santosh takes Harini’s name. Ishaan is surprised to hear her name but decides to talk to Yashwant before calling her.

Yashwant doesn’t agree with Ishaan calling Harini as a singer to their house as she is Savi’s sister. Ishaan tries to convince Yashwant saying they should support a singer like Harini as she is struggling and she recently had a miscarriage. Surekha suggests to Yashwant that they should call Harini as a singer. Ishaan hearing this goes to call Harini. Yashwant questions Surekha’s decision. Surekha says if the enemy is cunning then they have to be more cunning in dealing with that enemy.

Episode ends.

Recap:- Ishaan and Savi do a role-play of Romeo and Juliet. Ishaan accidentally takes Reeva’s name while he expresses his love to Juliet. Ishaan later apologises to Savi. Reeva from down the stage says I Love you to Ishaan. Ishaan gets stunned seeing Reeva here.

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