Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 13th December 2023 Written Update: Pakhi confronts Virat in front of Chavans

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 13th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai crying recalling the time when she left Chavans house and Virat didn’t stopped her. She proclaims that he could have saved their son Vinu, if he had stopped her from leaving the house. She breaks down after hearing Virat’s lie that their son is not alive. She keeps sobbing while Virat also gets teary eyes and immediately hugs the latter to console her. He also cries for hiding the truth from Sai in order to keep Vinayak along with Pakhi. He thinks about the consequences, if he tells the truth and makes a shocking decision to hide it from everyone.

Here, Virat blames himself for Sai’s pain and also gets flashes of the time when she left the house and he haven’t done anything. He regrets his mistake and says that they all have been together, if he had stopped her from going that day. He talks about being a complete family along with Sai, Savi, Vinayak and him.

Sai also imagines herself along with Virat and cries thinking about the life they could have live together. They both feels peace in each other’s embrace, while at that time Pakhi sees them and gets shocked. She stumbles and cries thinking that Virat is getting close to Sai, because she herself has lost her womb in the operation. Mohit sees her and ask that what she is looking at? To which she wipes her tears and goes back to the house along with him.

Elsewhere, Sai and Virat realises their position and gets separate. She apologises to him for hugging and then goes away from there, stating that they should have to move on in their life. She leaves from there while Virat keeps longing for her. Meanwhile, the latter returns back to his house and sees Pakhi lying on the bed. He goes to the washroom and cries recalling his moment with Sai.

Virat remembers his good times with Sai and regret his past mistakes. He recalls his hug with Sai and smiles stating that it provided peace to him. He feels satisfied after hugging her and realises his feelings for Sai. Meanwhile, Pakhi looks at him with teary eyes and recalls his and Sai’s moment in the cafe. She feels hurt and betrayed by Virat.

Ahead, Pakhi goes to sleep with Vinayak while Virat looks at her. Meanwhile, Ashwini pampers Shivani while Vinayak decides to go to Sai’s house. Mohit drops him while Chavans gets concerned for the latter.. Pakhi suddenly taunts Virat asking him to go to Sai’s house along with Vinayak. Everyone gets confused while she revealed about the hug in front of everyone. She cries stating that Virat is betraying her because she is useless to him without her womb.

Virat gets shocked and tries to stop Pakhi. Bhavani scolds Virat for meeting Sai secretly while he proclaims that they won’t understand his decision. He ask them to have trust on him and then leaves from there. Pakhi breaks down and questions herself that why she is staying with him? Meanwhile, Bhavani confronts Sai in front of her house and lashes out at her for destroying her family.

Further, Bhavani puts allegations on Sai and gives a warning to her about staying away from her family. Sai takes a stand for herself and challenges Bhavani, while thr latter warns to throw Sai out of the city. Meanwhile, Jagtap calls Sai and tells about Karishma’s affair. He also sends her address to Sai, while she gets irked by him and cuts the call. She then calls Virat and tells about Bhavani’s rude behavior. She proclaims that she doesn’t have any connection with his family and ask to keep them away from her.

Precap:- Sai sees Virat playing with Vinayak. She stands aside and proclaims that she knows Virat is hiding the truth of her son Vinu from him. She states that he is trying to keep him away from her. She also concludes that her son is alive and declares that she will soon make Virat tell the truth in front of her. She also determines to punish Virat for hiding it from her.

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