Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 13th July 2022 Written Update: Sai takes a stand for Pakhi

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 13th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Chavans getting shocked seeing Pakhi’s new look, while Bhavani confronts her regarding it. She scolds Pakhi for her decision, while the latter tells that she wants to make her baby feel happy. The guests starts backbiting about Pakhi and taunts her for wearing colourful clothes, even after Samrat’s death. Whereas, Sai comes there and tells that the baby belongs to her. All the guests gets dumbstruck learning about Pakhi being Sai and Virat’s surrogate. Whereas, Sai takes a stand for Pakhi in front of Bhavani and declares that she don’t feel the latter is doing anything wrong.

Here, Sai says that every women has the right to decide what she wants to wear. She proclaims that Pakhi have all the rights to dress-up as she wants. Whereas, the latter shows her gratitude towards Sai and says that she is just doing it for the baby. Sai looks at Pakhi and states that she doesn’t know what the latter is planning, but proclaims to support her till she is right.

The ladies talks ill about Sai and says that she always opposes Bhavani’s statement. Whereas, the latter denies to accept Pakhi’s changed look. At that time Ashwini assures Pakhi that they all supports her decision and tells that shebhabe all the right to stay happy. Pakhi thanks Ashwini, while Bhavani stays silent.

Elsewhere, Sai goes to the police station and sees inspector Kadam working on her case. She tells about the appearance of the thieves and tries to make the sketch but gets unsuccessful. Virat insists her not to take stress, while she gets furious at him and starts scolding him. She proclaims that he isn’t doing his work properly and ask him to focus on his job.

Virat gets angry with Sai and ask her not to give order to him. At that time a bank gets attacked by some goons and they steals the money. The people and police gets injured while stopping them, while DIG sir gives the case to Virat and the latter plans to go there to catch the culprits. He gets ready for the mission and ask Sai not to disturb him.

Ahead, a man notify the thief to be aware of police and says that Sai is trying to search for him madly. The thief calls Pakhi and tells her about the matter. He insists her to save him, while she assures him but internally gets worried. She calls Vaishali and shares her worry with her. The latter ask her to be aware of Sai.

Pakhi gets a plan to divert Sai’s mind and tells her ploy to Vaishali. She states that she will try to win Sai’s trust again and will divert her attention towards the baby. She determines to save herself from getting exposed, while Vaishali tells that it has a huge risk. The latter proclaims to take all the risk, to fulfill her plan.

Further, Bhavani pampers Pakhi and feeds her with hands. Meanwhile, Pakhi says that she wants Sai to be along with her during the appointment with the doctor. Ashwini gets happy hearing about Pakhi’s decision, while Bhavani confronts her for being nice towards Sai. The latter tells that she changed her heart towards Sai and now wants her to be near the baby, so that she can experience the happiness of having a baby.

Precap:- Pakhi visits the doctor along with Bhavani and Sai. The doctor checks Pakhi and tells that she isn’t pregnant. The latter gets shocked, while Bhavani and Sai questions the doctor about the baby, whereas she replies that Pakhi is fine and was about to say regarding the baby but at that time a goon comes inside. The goons shoots the doctor, while Sai along with Bhavani and Pakhi gets shocked.

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