Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th February 2022 Written Update: Sadanand denies to surrender

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th February 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Ashwini asking Sai to find a life partner for herself, while latter gets shocked and denies. She tells that she can never think about it as her heart is broken. Shivani cries hearing Sai’s statement and feels bad for her. Whereas, Sai shows her gratitude towards Ashwini and the family for being with her in tough time. She asks Ashwini to bless her, so that she can only concentrate on her career. She determines to be a great doctor and goes from there after biding adieu. Whereas, Sonali smirks seeing Sai leaving the house.

Here, Shruti keeps staring at Virat and think about his sacrifices for her and Sahas. She thinks about her feelings for him and says that how she cannot fall in love with him. At that time he reminds her about the vaccination for Sahas, while Shruti says that how he always cares about them even when his life is a mess because of them.

Virat says that his problems are not because of Shruti or the baby. He ask her not to blame herself, while she denies his words accusing herself as the main problem. She says that he is really selfless and have done so much for them. She shows her gratitude towards him, while he looks on.

Elsewhere, Sadanand denies to believe about Virat and Shruti’s marriage. He says that he really trust his friend and wife and states that they can’t betray him. His goons tells him that how Shruti fought with them for Virat and leaves after hearing about Sadanand’s death. They tells that they have kept an eye on Shruti and learnt that Virat have left his home and now he lives separately with Shruti. Sadanand thinks about confronting them.

Shruti tells Virat about Sadanand’s quality that he stands for what he feels is right. She says that he have the courage to fight against the whole world, to which Virat agrees and says that he tried to change Sadanand’s thoughts but couldn’t able to do it. He gets emotional remembering about his friend’s death.

Ahead, Sai’s friends keep bugging her about her marriage. They shows sympathy towards her for getting betrayed by her husband and ask if she is doing fine or not? She gets irked by their fake care and tells them not to bother about her marriage. She says that she is focusing on her career and determines to win the gold medal.

Pulkit hears her conversation and gets elated. He comes towards her and sends the other students away. He shows his proudness towards Sai and says that he is happy with her decision. He also notices that she haven’t worn her nuptial chain and appreciates her decision.

Further, Shruti thinks that she can’t confess her love for Virat orelse he will leave her. She gets emotional and starts crying talking about Virat’s qualities, while he tries to calm her. Suddenly, she hugs him while he tries to comfort her. At that time Sadanand comes there, making Virt and Shruti shocked. Virat shows his happiness after seeing him, while latter blames him for having an affair with Shruti. Virat and Shruti denies Sadanand’s allegations and tries to make him understand but he stays firm on his statement.

Sadanand sees Sahas’s birth certificate and gets shocked seeing Virat’s title. He confronts Virat about it, to which latter tells that he have done it to save their life. He then advices Sadanand to surrender and assures that he will get very less punishment, but latter denies stating that Virat wants to live with Shruti by removing him from their life. He pushes Shruti away when she denies to go with him stating that she don’t want to risk her child’s life. Meanwhile, Sadanand points gum at Virat.

Precap:- Sai ask the cab driver to stop as he takes a wrong turn. She tries to make him halt but he doesn’t listen to her. She gets scared and tries to call someone, but the driver snatches her phone. She gets shocked seeing him wearing Virat’s mask. She starts screaming for help from the people on the road and gets dumbstruck seeing everyone wearing Virat’s mask. She becomes afraid and sits back on her seat.

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