Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th January 2023 Written Update: Virat gets shocked seeing Karishma’s state

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat discussing about the work with his colleagues. At that time he gets a call from Sai and becomes excited to talk to her. He receives her phone while she notify him about a shocking truth regarding Karishma. She states that the guy with whom Karishma is having affair isn’t nice and advice him to look after the matter. She gives him the address of Karishma which she got from Jagtap and ask Virat to help Karishma. She also notify him about the way Bhavani talked to her and gave her the warning. She declares that she don’t want to get involved in any other matter of Chavans.

Here, Sai also strictly warns Virat to make sure Bhavani doesn’t come to her house in order to threaten her again. She says that if the latter or any other member of Virat’s family will try to insult her, then she won’t spare them anymore. She takes a stand for her dignity and ends the call, without listening to Virat.

Virat gets worried about the situation and thinks how to stop Bhavani from creating more troubles. He says that the situation is already complicated and Bhavani is making it worse by her actions. He becomes tensed and then goes back to the house. He gets inside Mohit’s room and sees him drinking alcohol. He stops him from consuming it and talks to him about Karishma.

Elsewhere, Mohit gets emotional and reminds Virat how Karishma left him in front of everyone. He shares his pain while Virat tells that she isn’t having affair with anyone and it was just her way to grab Mohit’s attention. He tries to make Mohit understand and insists him not to make the same mistake as his.

Virat tells Mohit that he will regret his decision of not trusting Karishma and advice him as a brother. He recalls his past and ask Mohit to take lesson from him. He gets emotional stating that he is regretting his decision of pasts and tries to stop Mohit from doing the same thing, but the latter stays adamant and proclaims that he don’t want to get back to Karishma anymore.

Ahead, Mohit goes away from there while Virat gets worried. He then decides to visit Karishma’s house while Sai calls Anandi and talks to her about giving information to Virat regarding Vinu. The lagger gets shocked and ask if Virat told her the truth, as he asked her to hide it from her. Sai becomes confused and ask about the matter. Anandi realises her mistake and tries to cover up the blunder.

Anandi tells that it’s good that Virat told Sai everything, while the latter ask Anandi to again repeat the same things to her. The lagger stammers and says that she should talk to Virat about it as he was the one who told her the truth. She cuts the call whole Sai gets suspicious about Virat and decides to find the truth. Meanwhile, Pakhi gets inside Ashwini’s room and gives her the woolens to make dresses for Shivani’s baby. She then shares her pain with her and tells how Virat is hurting her.

Further, Ashwini tries to console Pakhi and gets worried for her. Pakhi says that she loves Vinayak but always wanted to have her own family with Virat. She then goes away while Ashwini feels bad for her. Meanwhile, Virat gets inside Karishma’s house and gets shocked on seeing her wincing in pain. He picks her up and takes her to the room. He calls Sai and ask her to come there, while the latter checks Karishma and gets shocked seeing the heavy amount of blood oozing out from her. She then shares her suspicion with Virat that maybe Karishma had a miscarriage.

Precap:- Sai sees Virat playing with Vinayak. She stands aside and proclaims that she knows Virat is hiding the truth of her son Vinu from him. She states that he is trying to keep him away from her. She also concludes that her son is alive and declares that she will soon make Virat tell the truth in front of her. She also determines to punish Virat for hiding it from her.

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