Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th November 2022 Written Update: Bhavani makes a shocking statement

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 14th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai running away from the jail while Jagtap and police staffs gets shocked finding about it. They starts searching for her, while Jagtap thinks that Sai used him to run away from the jail. He gets worried for her and states that she will have to bear a lot of consequences if she gets caught. Whereas, Sai goes inside the jungle and keeps running away from the police. She determines to reach Chavans mansion in order to get Savi back. Meanwhile, Savi keeps crying in order to meet her mother. Virat along with Vinayak and Pakhi tries to console her.


Here, Savi keeps insisting to meet Sai and requests Virat to take her back to her mother. She proclaims that Sai never left her for so long and states that she misses her mother. Virat also gets emotional after seeing her cry and requests her to stop, but she doesn’t get affected by his words. He gets heart broken and doubts his decision of separating her from Sai.

At that time Ashwini comes towards Savi and tries to cheer her up. She mingles with the latter and acts like a child. She diverts Savi’s mind away from Sai and ask if the latter is hungry. She starts telling her about Virat’s childhood story and proclaims that he also used to cry the same way. She enacts Virat while Savi laughs at it, whereas Virat becomes elated after seeing Ashwini’s efforts.

Elsewhere, Ashwini takes Vinayak and Savi to the kitchen and prepares food for them. She feeds them with her own hands while Virat gets happy tears seeing the moment. Savi and Vinayak gets busy eating with one another. Whereas, Virat comes towards Ashwini and shows his gratitude towards her for helping Savi. He tells that he thought he wouldn’t be able to stop Savi from crying but Ashwini made is possible.

Ashwini replies to Virat that this time Savi got silent but states that next time they might not be able to console her. Virat ignores her warning and goes to play with Savi. Whereas, Pakhi sees all this from aside while Bhavani confronts her and warns that soon she will get replaced by Sai. She proclaims that it was Pakhi’s mistake to bring Sai back into their life and proclaims that now she is bearing the consequences.

Ahead, Pakhi tries to reason Virat’s behavior but Bhavani proclaims that Pakhi won’t be able to stop Savi and Sai from getting her place. Whereas, Ashwini also comes there and Bhavani taunts the latter for pouring her love towards Savi. Ashwini tells her reason and says that she don’t want to regret her decisions in future. She proclaims that Savi is Virat’s child but Bhavani denies to believe it.

Bhavani makes a statement that when it will get proved that Savi os Virat’s child, then she will pamper the latter more then anyone. But, states that she doesn’t believe Sai’s words and won’t accept Savi till the truth gets proven. Whereas, Omkar tries to pacify Sonali but the latter shows her disappointment with the entry of Savi. She calls Mohit and Karishma and ask them to give a child, who can be the hire of their property. The latter states that there isn’t anything as a husband and wife in between her and Mohit, while everyone gets shocked.

Further, Virat plays hide and seek along with Savi and Vinayak. They hides while Vinu tries to find them. Virat helps Savi to hide while Vinu complains about his cheating. Meanwhile, Sai comes there and enters inside the house secretly. Virat tries to find both the kids, while Sai meets Savi and both hugs being emotional. Virat and Vinayak also comes there and becomes shocked, while police staffs and Jagtap tries to find Sai.

Precap:- Virat knocks on Sai’s door while the latter denies to let him come inside her house. He forcefully gets inside while she states that Savi is her daughter and he can’t take her away. He proclaims that he will tell the truth to Savi about him being her father and reminds how the latter was searching for her father all around the places. He goes inside Savi’s room while Sai tries to stop him but he locks the door. Savi looks at him being confused while Sai breaks down expressing her love towards Savi.

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