Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th November 2022 Written Update: A new tension for Bhavani

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Savi playing hide and seek with Virat and Vinayak while Sai enters inside the Chavans house secretly hiding from the guards. She goes straight towards her daughter, while Savi gets elated upon seeing her mother. She runs towards Sai and hugs her being emotional, while Virat and Vinayak also comes there and the latter gets shocked upon seeing Sai. At that time Chavans also comes there and becomes stunned upon noticing her. Whereas, Sai and Savi cries after reuniting and the latter questions her mother that why she left her and complains that she was missing her.

Here, Sai also cries and apologises for her mistake. She assures that she will never leave Savi hereafter, while Virat was about to come towards them but Sai shows her finger towards him and warns not to come any closer. She prohibits Virat to disturb her and Savi’s moment and glares at him for snatching her daughter away from her.

Ashwini worries that what if Sai tells the truth to Savi and instigates her against Virat? But the latter hides the reality from her daughter and tells that she got stuck in between some bad peoples. She then assures Savi that they won’t stay away from one another anymore. Whereas, the police staffs also comes there and salute Virat. They apologises to Virat for letting Sai leave while he glares at them.

Elsewhere, Sai looks at the police and then gets up along with her daughter. Pakhi comes towards Virat and tells him that he provided all the luxuries to Savi but the latter can’t be able to stay away from her mother. She states that a mother’s bond is stronger then anything and proclaims that he can’t be able to separate her from Sai.

Ashwini also makes Virat understand and states that she also wants Savi to stay with them but they can’t force the latter. She proclaims that Virat have to let Savi go if he loves her truly then she will surely return back to him. Meanwhile, Bhavani gets furious at Sai and proclaims it to be her plan. She denies to accept that Savi is her real daughter, to which Sonali also instigates the latter against Sai.

Ahead, Sonali warns Bhavani that what of Sai and Savi tries to come inside their house while the latter denies to let them fulfill their plan. Whereas, Sai takes Savi away from Chavans house and goes inside their home. Savi keeps hugging Sai and states that she won’t leave her. Usha smiles seeing their bond and feeds them food. Whereas, Savi keeps telling them about how Virat kept and keeps praising the latter along with Vinayak.

Sai listens to her being silent while Usha smiles hearing about Virat’s care towards Savi. Whereas, the latter gets disheartened and keeps going through Savi’s stuffs. He touches her toys and tent. He becomes emotional while Ninad comes there and tries to console the latter. Virat questions that the child only needs a mother and not her father? To which Ninad explains him the importance of a mother in a kid’s life.

Further, Virat gets restless and states that he won’t let Sai take Savi away from him. He determines to bring the latter back and goes away from there, while Pakhi gets teary eyes hearing his conversation. Whereas, Savi insists Sai to sing a lullaby like Virat and the latter expresses her love towards Savi. Meanwhile, Bhavani proclaims everything to be Sai’s plan while Sonali ask what if Virat and Sai starts raising Savi together? She states that Virat can send Sai to jail for Savi, then he can do anything to keep the latter along with him.

Precap:- Virat knocks on Sai’s door while the latter denies to let him come inside her house. He forcefully gets inside while she states that Savi is her daughter and he can’t take her away. He proclaims that he will tell the truth to Savi about him being her father and reminds how the latter was searching for her father all around the places. He goes inside Savi’s room while Sai tries to stop him but he locks the door. Savi looks at him being confused while Sai breaks down expressing her love towards Savi.

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