Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th September 2022 Written Update: Vinayak gets concerned for Savi

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Gulabrao’s goons kidnapping Savi, while Sai along with Virat and Vinayak gets shocked seeing it. They rushes to stop them but gets unsuccessful. Sai starts worrying while Virat assures her that they will surely find Savi and ask her to stay strong. She proclaims that she can’t let Vinayak stay alone and ask to take him along with them. They gets inside the car and Virat starts driving speedily in order to get hold of the goons. Meanwhile, Vinayak also shows his concern towards Savi and questions Virat that if they will be able to save Savi?

Here, Virat assures Vinayak that nothing will happen to Savi and ask him to keep praying for her. Meanwhile, Gulabrao smirks sitting along with Savi in his car. He laughs remembering his plan while Savi tries to call her mother. Gulabrao catches her and then cuts the call after giving a warning to Savi.

Virat along with Sai gets worried for Savi and the latter cries for her daughter. Virat proclaims to punish all the wrongdoers. He shows his comfort towards Sai and Vinayak. Whereas, at that time they receives the location of Gulabrao by Savi’s smart move. Virat ask Sai to send the location to his phone, while she ask if his number is same or changed? To which he replies that it’s same and then both exchanges their number.

Elsewhere, Gulabrao scolds Savi for being oversmart and decides to teach ber a lesson. Meanwhile, Pakhi recalls her past that hoe Virat decided to adopt Vinayak and went to the orphanage along with Pakhi in order to adopt Vinayak. The lady of the orphanage questions Virat and Pakhi about their marriage, to which he replies that they are not husband and wife.

The lady of the orphanage denies to give the adoption to Virat, while the latter gets upset and says that he can easily look after Vinayak, but the lady denies stating that married couple are their main demand. Pakhi consoles Virat and assures that some or the other way, he will be able to adopt Vinayak.

Ahead, Chavans sits together and dicuss about the matter. Shivani suggest Virat tk remarry in order to adopt Vinayak and ask him to move on in his life. He shares his pain with them while Sonali questions that who will marry Virat, who can understand his feelings. At that time Ninad recalls Pakhi’s name and somehow convinces her and Virat to give a chance to their relationship.

Chavans makes Pakhi and Virat understand that they both have lost their partners and are in need of someone who can look each other. Meanwhile, they both discuss their idea with each other. Virat recalls his past with Pakhi and apologizes for not fulfilling his promises towards her. He tells that finally there is a time to correct his wrongdoings.

Further, Virat and Pakhi got married to adopt Vinayak, while Pakhi gets worried as the Vermilion falls from her hand. She gets restless and shares her concern with Bhavani and Ashwini. They consoles her while Harini taunts them for their backward thinking. Bhavani gets furious at Harini, whereas Sai along with Virat and Vinayak gets shocked seeing Savi’s state and gets worried for her.

Precap:- Sai and Virat fights with the goons of Gulabrao in order to save Savi. Sai gets worried for her daughter, while Gulabrao points gun at her. Savi keeps crying being scared with the gun, while Sai shouts at Virat to save their daughter. The latter runs to save Savi, while Gulabrao’s fires a bullet. Meanwhile, Sai gets dumbstruck.

Episode starts with Pakhi calling Virat while Vinayak gives the phone to him. The latter starts talking to her while she shows her concern towards him. She ask about his wounds, whereas he lies about it and assures that he is fine. He ends the call stating that he is busy and will call her back soon. Meanwhile, Sai gets jealous finding that Virat was talking to his wife. She gets inside the kitchen and tries to keep her busy with the work, while Usha notices her and questions about the matter. She says that Sai is affected by Virat’s presence and is concerned for his present life, to which Sai denies and proclaims that she doesn’t care about him.

Here, Sai tells that she just wants to help Vinayak and is waiting for him to recover. She proclaims that Virat’s presence doesn’t affect her at all. Meanwhile, Usha tries to make her understand and insists her to clarify her differences with Virat, but Sai declines the idea and reminds about all her sufferings and proclaims that Virat doesn’t care about her.

Sai recalls the past and reminds Usha that he never even tried to search for her. Meanwhile, Pakhi gets into suspicion after hearing the familiar voice but couldn’t able to recognise it. She then shares her worry with Ashwini and prays for Virat and Vinayak’s safety. Ashwini also prays along with her and gets concerned for Virat and Vinayak.

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