Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th December 2021 Written Update: Sai shares her worry with Ashwini

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th December 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Samrat asking Pakhi about Virat, while she gets anxious and tells him that Virat doesn’t notify her everything about where he goes. He tries to calm her saying that he was just casually asking it, as he have seen her talking to Virat, while she again taunts him. He makes her understand that he just wanted to spend some time with her and ask her to go with him for an ice-cream date. He tells that due to Virat’s mission, everything got stressed up inside the house and so to come over it, he plans to go to the restaurant. Pakhi gets happy thinking that her plan worked and now Samrat will stay away from her for some days. She agrees to go with him and both leaves the house.

Here, Virat reaches the hotel and shouts at the manager for troubling them. He reminds the manager about his wife to be pregnant and ask that what documents he needs? He tells that he will complaint against the hotel and their services, while the receptionist gets scared and takes the Manager aside. She says that it will be a problem if Virat will complaint and will affect their reputation.

The Manager agrees to the receptionist and goes to apologise to Virat. They both asks for sorry and insists Virat to stay in their hotel. Meanwhile, Virat gets inside Shruti’s room and assures her that everything is fine. She worries about getting caught and cries stating that if people will get to know she is the wife of a rebel, then they will hurt her. Where, Virat assures her that he will protect her no matter what.

Elsewhere, Sai rants out her frustration on Virat and keeps talking to herself about Virat. At that time Ashwini comes there and smiles seeing her. She confronts Sai and ask about the problem, to which latter tells her about Virat’s behaviour. She says that he is hiding something from her and isn’t sharing it, so that she can help.

Ashwini calms Sai and tells that police officers have some rules and they hides the matter which were confidential. She reminds Sai about being a police officer daughter and states that she should understand Virat. Sai replies that she just wanted to help Virat. She says that she just wanted to go to the college along with Virat, but as he went somewhere, she isn’t sure that when he will return back.

Ahead, Sai’s stomach hurts due fasting and taunts Virat for not valuing her efforts. Whereas, Shruti’s stomach also starts paining and Virat gets worried. He rushes to call doctor and asks the manager’s help to get a doctor. Later, the doctor checks Shruti and scolds Virat for not taking proper care of his wife. Doctor asks him to make his wife eat something and leaves from there.

Samrat comes inside Sai’s room and gives her icecream. He says that everyone knows about her fast and ask her to have icecream. He notify her that Pakhi and he had gone out and so brought icecream for Sai also. Pakhi also comes there and taunts Sai, while latter lies that Virat have told her about where he went. Pakhi gets furious and leaves from there.

Further, Sai tells Samrat that she lied to Pakhi and questions that if he knows any Shruti? To which Samrat denies. Meanwhile, Virat confronts Shruti stating that he knows she doesn’t trust him, but insists her to have faith on his as he won’t break Sadanand’s promise. Shruti cries stating that she is afraid that he will arrest her, she shows her concern for her child. Meanwhile, Shruti ask if Virat’s wife knows about her? To which he denies and says that they don’t suspect him as he keeps going out for his work.

Sai thinks about calling Virat and smiles remembering their moments, but then gets flashes of their fight and decides not to call him. Virat also thinks about Sai and waits for his message or call but didn’t get it.

Precap:- DIG sir comes to meet Virat, while Sai says that he went for some confidential work. DIG sir says that he couldn’t able to talk to Virat properly since some days, while she questions that if he knows any Shruti. At that time Virat comes back, while everyone ask him that there he was? Sai also confronts him and demands to get an answer.

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