Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th November 2022 Written Update: Virat takes a promise from Sai

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sonali and Bhavani talking about Sai and Savi’s matter. Sonali instigates Bhavani against Sai and proclaims that the latter is using her daughter to get inside Chavans house. She proclaims that Virat is already blind behind his daughter and can do anything for her. She warns Bhavani stating that Savi will keep asking for her mother and father, while Sai and Virat will keep meeting and fulfilling her wish. She also tells that what if Savi demands to have both her parents to stay together and questions that what will happen to Pakhi?

Here, Bhavani declares that she won’t let Sai get successful in her ploy. She states that as soon as Virat will find out that Savi is not his daughter, then he will get away from her. She determines to expose the truth, while Sonali smirks as her plan gets fulfilled. Whereas, Virat visits Sai’s house and knocks the door to meet Savi.

Sai stops Usha from opening the door and herself goes towards it. She opens it and gives a stern look to Virat. She states that he don’t have any rights on Savi and proclaims that he can’t separate them. She ask him to leave from there and tries to lock the door but he stops her and declares that he is there to apologize for his mistake.

Elsewhere, Virat asks sorry from Sai for putting her inside the jail, as well as separating her from Savi. She glares at him and states that she won’t let him do it again and states that he won’t be able to come kn between her and Savi anymore. He gets furious at her and states that he have courage to apologize for his mistake.

Virat reminds Sai about her fault for keeping Savi away from him for years. He accuses her for being selfish while she takes a stand for herself and gives him a warning. He ignores her and starts going towards Savi’s room. He proclaims to reveal the truth to the latter, while Sai gets shocked and requests him to stop. She says that she is ready to apologize to him.

Ahead, Sai tells that Savi won’t be able to take the truth as she is small. Sai gets teary eyes and requests Virat to think about the issue and states that it is really sensitive. Whereas, Virat ignores her and goes inside Savi’s room and locks it. Sai keeps banging the door and shouts that she loves Savi. The latter gets confused seeing Virat and ask about the matter, to which he makes some excuses.

Virat tells that he was missing Savi and so came to visit her. She also states that she was missing him. Whereas, Usha also cries along with Sai and rebukes Virat for being heartless. Meanwhile, Sai breaks down in front of the door while Virat plays with Savi and hides about the truth from her. She then goes out of the door and meets her mother.

Further, Savi excitedly tells Sai about how she enjoyed with Virat. She also proclaims that she needed Vinayak’s father only. She tries to click picture with both of them while Pakhi also arrives there, she tells that Bhavani sended her there. Virat makes Sai understand that he can’t live without Savi and ask her to stay in Nagpur. She ask him to take Pakhi’s opinion but he denies while the latter gets hurt. Sai gives the promise to Virat, while Savi calls and notify about the good news to Vinayak. He becomes excited and tells Chavans that Virat adopted Savi, while everyone gets shocked.

Precap:- Pakhi tries to express her turmoil in front of Virat. She says that Sai is his first wife and if they keeps meeting one another then they will grow attached. He glares at her and rebukes that she wanted him to get separated from Savi. Pakhi gets shocked by his accusations, while he states that why everyone wants him to stay away from Savi? She tries to clarify her intentions, to which he stops her and states that her truth came out in front of him.

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