Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th November 2023 Written Update: Savi strikes Samrud

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Surekha and Nishikanth reminding Harini that she is just an amateur singer without a name and fame. Harini says she understood what they were trying to say to her. Surekha says it’s good that she understood it.


On the way, Samrud tells his parents that they need to be careful until his engagement is done. Mandar and his wife agree. Harini says to Surekha that she will leave. Surekha asks her to leave after taking the payment for her performance. Surekha gives an envelope to Harini saying she gave her the money as much as she is worth. Harini opens the envelope and sees that it’s just a coin. Surekha says I will pray to god to give you success so you and Savi won’t be behind Ishaan. She tells Harini that they will never invite her again to perform at their place. Savi comes there and tells Harini that they need to leave. Surekha tells Savi that she did good anchoring. She wards off the evil eye from Durva and tries to give that money to Savi. Savi doesn’t take that money and rebukes Surekha.

Savi tries to leave with Harini. Asmita requests Savi to stay until the engagement is done. Nishi takes Asmita to welcome the groom’s family. Savi takes Harini from there. She sees a glimpse of Samrud and feels suspicious.

Ishaan and his family welcome Samarth and his family. Durva’s friends tease her. On the way, Harini thinks how Surekha insulted her. Savi asks Harini if he saw the groom. Harini says no but his name is Samrud. Savi understands that he is Samrud Latkar. She asks the auto driver to take back them to Bhosle’s house. Harini stops the driver. She tells Savi they don’t need to return to Bhosle’s house and they will find out about Samrud by themselves. Savi asks Harini what happens to her if Isha thinks in that way.

Ishaan asks Samrud to read his warning message. Samrud reads his message. Everyone smiles. Durva places a ring on Sam’s hand. Samrud sits on his knees and proposes to Durva. Durva accepts his proposal. Everyone claps. Samrud is about to put the ring on Durva’s finger but Savi stops Samarthi and slaps him. Everyone gets stunned seeing this.

Durva and Surekha question Savi how dare she to hit Samrud. Savi says she would have hit him with a slipper if she can. Surekha hearing this raises his hand at Savi but Ishaan stops Surekha. Ishaan says he trusts Savi and asks Savi to first tell them the reason why did she hit Samrud. Surekha admonishes Ishaan’s behaviour of supporting Savi. Surekha asks Savi to apologise to Sam. Savi says she would have apologised if she was in the wrong. Savi says to Ishaan that her marriage is fixed with him in Ramtek but she ran away from the marriage after knowing that Samrud is a an alcoholic and a scum. Surekha asks Samrud if it is true that his marriage got fixed with Savi. Samrud admits to it saying his marriage got fixed with Savi but he is not cheater instead she cheated him as Savi left him hanging at the Mandap for someone else. Samrud accuses Savi of being characterless woman. Harini stops Samrud’s accusations and reveals to everyone about their deeds. Sam comments on Harini and Savi. Ishaan asks Savi if she has any proof to prove her accusation. Savi says Isha has proof against Samrud as she was the one who exposed him last time in her marriage. Savi tries to call Isha but she doesn’t pick up the call.

Mandar seeing that they are getting insulted says to Samrud that they should leave. Ishaan stops Samrud and asks them to wait for 10 min. Ishaan says if Savi wasn’t able to prove her accusations then he will apologise to Sam and put Durva’s hand in his hand. Savi tries to call Isha.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Ishaan says to Savi that he has gone against his family for the first time to support her and hopes that her accusation will be true if not Bhosle family reputation will be ruined. Savi asks Ishaan what if her accusations are proven true. Ishaan says then his life will belong to her. Nishikanth says to Savi enough of her drama and throws her out of the house. Ishaan helps Savi and asks Nishikanth what is he doing?

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