Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th September 2022 Written Update: Virat risks his life to save Savi

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Gulabrao hanging Savi with the crane. The latter shouts for help while he smirks and makes a video to send it to Sai. He threatens her stating that she won’t be able to save her daughter. He laughs enjoying the drama and invites Sai to come there if she wants to help her daughter. He gives the phone to his goon, while at that time Virat and Sai along with Vinayak reaches there. They runs out of the car and moves towards Gulabrao, while Vinayak gets worried for Savi. Virat ask him to stay hidden inside the car and warns him about the danger.

Here, Vinayak understands Virat’s words and hides on the back seat of the car. He prays for Savi while Virat and Sai confronts Gulabrao. The latter smirks seeing them and shows them where he have kept Savi. They gets shocked seeing the kid and Sai gets worried for her daughter. She shouts at the latter to stay calm and promises to save her.

Gulabrao makes fun of Sai’s condition and reminds about how she misbehaved with him. He proclaims that he will take his revenge from her, while she warns him to leave her child. She states that she won’t leave Gulabrao, if anything happens to Savi. She becomes concerned for her daughter as the latter keeps shouting for help.

Elsewhere, Sai was about to loose her calm and rushes towards Savi, when Virat stops her. He ask her to stay focused and not to get influenced with Gulabrao or anyone else’s threat. He assures her that he won’t let anything happen to Savi, while she becomes emotional and looks at him.

Gulabrao gives an option to Sai and ask her to leave the village along with her daughter and proclaims that if she promises to never return back then he will spare her daughter. He threatens to make the latter fall from the height, if Sai denies to accept his condition.

Ahead, Sai gets panicked while Virat takes a stand for the latter. He starts fighting with the goons, while Sai gets tensed. The goons hits him while Sai gets shocked and tries to help him. She makes him wake up while Gulabrao ask the goons to drop Savi. The latter screams for help, while Virat rushes to save her.

Virat again fights with the goons while Sai also holds the rope to save her daughter. She starts crying, while Pakhi calls Virat and Vinayak receives her call and notify about the matter. She gets shocked and tells Chavans about it. She decides to go to Kankauli and expresses her concern for Virat and Vinayak.

Further, Virat somehow saves Savi while Sai also gets elated. Meanwhile, a goon brings out Vinayak and points gun at him, while Sai points gun at Gulabrao. Virat saves Vinayak, while the other goon points the gun at Sai and shoots her. Virat jumps there and risks his life to save Savi. Gulabrao and his goons runs away from there while Sai gets shocked seeing Virat and Savi.

Precap:- Pakhi gets concerned for Virat and rushes to Kankauli, while Mohit helps her. Ashwini gets shattered and prays for Virat and Vinayak’s safety while Bhavani assures that everything will be fine. Meanwhile, Sai rushes towards Savi and Vinayak being worried for him. She ask them to wake up, while Savi opens her eyes but Virat stays unconscious. Sai gets shocked seeing the blood coming out of Virat and screams his name.

Episode starts with Gulabrao’s goons kidnapping Savi, while Sai along with Virat and Vinayak gets shocked seeing it. They rushes to stop them but gets unsuccessful. Sai starts worrying while Virat assures her that they will surely find Savi and ask her to stay strong. She proclaims that she can’t let Vinayak stay alone and ask to take him along with them. They gets inside the car and Virat starts driving speedily in order to get hold of the goons. Meanwhile, Vinayak also shows his concern towards Savi and questions Virat that if they will be able to save Savi?

Here, Virat assures Vinayak that nothing will happen to Savi and ask him to keep praying for her. Meanwhile, Gulabrao smirks sitting along with Savi in his car. He laughs remembering his plan while Savi tries to call her mother. Gulabrao catches her and then cuts the call after giving a warning to Savi.

Virat along with Sai gets worried for Savi and the latter cries for her daughter. Virat proclaims to punish all the wrongdoers. He shows his comfort towards Sai and Vinayak. Whereas, at that time they receives the location of Gulabrao by Savi’s smart move. Virat ask Sai to send the location to his phone, while she ask if his number is same or changed? To which he replies that it’s same and then both exchanges their number.

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