Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th November 2023 Written Update: Bhosle family believes Samrud lies

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mrs. Gokle asking Surekha if they didn’t enquire about Groom’s family before fixing the alliance. Surekha says Savi’s accusations on Samrud are baseless. Harini says to Savi that Isha is not answering calls. Savi calls Isha again. Shantanu picks up the call. Savi asks him to give the phone to Isha immediately.


Shantanu wakes up Isha. Savi tells Isha how she stopped Durva and Samrud’s engagement. Isha says she did good. Savi asks Isha to send the evidence against Samrud. Isha says she will search and send in 5 minutes.

Samrud tells Mandar that Savi can’t expose him and he will get married to Durva. Mandar comments on it. Samrud asks Ishaan to not forget his promise. Ishaan says to Savi that he has gone against his family for the first time to support her and hopes that her accusation will be true if not Bhosle’s family reputation will be ruined. Savi asks Ishaan what if her accusations are proven true. Ishaan says then his life will belong to her.

Shantanu asks Isha what happened. Isha says to Shantanu how Samrud cheated on them changing his surname. She searches for photos. Durva’s friends scold Savi for spoiling Durva’s big day. Savi receives photos from Isha. Savi plays the photos on the projector and tells everyone that Samrud has extramarital affairs with a married woman too. Samrud claims they are morphed photos. Durva and her family believe in Samrud. Ishaan asks Savi to get another proof.

Savi calls Isha and tells her that Bhosles are not believing photos. Shantanu understands the situation and calls Bajirao for help. Isha remembers that she has documents against Samrud in laptop and tells Savi that she will send in a while.

Surekha and Yashwant question Ishaan that if he going to listen to Savi and put their reputation on the line. Surekha says Samrud doesn’t even know that woman.

Samrud says he knows that woman. Durva asks Samrud that if he has affair with that woman. Samrud says he never had any affair with that woman. Samrud says that woman is the friend of his wife. Samrud says he learnt that his friend beats his wife. So he comforted that woman and got close to her but that woman took his friendship as love and proposed to him but he kept her at a distance after knowing her intentions. Later she blackmailed him using these photos. Samrud says these photos are just used to blackmail him by that woman and Savi.

Nishikanth believes Samrud’s lies and throws Savi out of the house. Ishaan questions Nishikanth. Nishikanth closes the door on Savi’s case.

Harini says to Savi that they should leave as Bhosle family will never listen to her. Harini takes Savi away from there.

Isha calls Savi and says to Savi that she sent her the documents. Savi comes infront of the Bhosle family and shows her the documents sent by Isha. Samrud argues with Savi saying these are fake documents. Savi says they will find out once they cross check it. Pandar gives an ultimatum to Yashwant saying either Savi will stay here or they will stay here. Yashwant hearing this asks Savi to leave. Ishaan says they should atleast cross check it. Yashwant comments on Ishaan. Harini says to Savi that they should leave as Bhosle family will never believe her. Harini takes Savi away from there.

Yashwant apologises to Patil family and says they should start the ceremony. Savi recalls Isha’s words and comes to Bhosle family and questions Mandar that all of these evidences might be fake. Savi asks the Patil family why did they run away from Ramtek.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Bajirao takes Patil family into custody. Ishaan hits Samrud. Samrud vows to take revenge on Ishaan and Savi. The police take Patil family and leave from there.

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