Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th September 2022 Written Update: Virat gets shot

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai and Virat saving Vinayak from the goons of Gulabrao. Whereas, the latter points gun at Savi and presses the trigger to shoot her, but Virat immediately jumps in front of her in order to save her. Sai gets shocked, while Gulabrao and his goon runs away from there. Meanwhile, Sai goes towards Savi and Virat and tries to wake them up. She gets concerned and cries for her daughter, but suddenly the latter opens her eyes and gets up. Sai becomes elated seeing that Savi is fine and shower her care towards the latter. Whereas, at that time she sees Virat and finds him unconscious. She becomes worried and shakes him asking to wake up.

Here, Sai becomes devastated as she sees blood oozing from Virat’s body. She immediately decides to take him to the headquarters in order to treat him. Vinayak and Savi becomes concerned while Sai assures that Virat will get fine and ask them to follow her instructions. She sits inside the car and gets the kids along with Virat also into it.

Sai recalls the moment when he taught her how to drive the car. She gets teary eyes and determines to save him. She starts the car and reaches the headquarters, while Pakhi panics after talking to Vinayak. She packs her bag and decides to visit Kankauli along with Mohit in order to check Virat and Vinayak. She notify that Chavans about the matter and cries worrying about Virat.

Elsewhere, Bhavani and Ashwini tries to calm Pakhi. They starts praying for Virat while Pakhi goes to Kankauli along with Mohit. She ask him to drive fast while the latter tries to calm her down. Meanwhile, Sai starts treating Virat and ask the kids to stay strong. They starts praying for Virat and Savi consoles Vinayak assuring that his father will get fine.

Pakhi calls Vinayak and he tells her about the injury of Virat. She gets shocked and starts crying miserably. She tries to ask them about the matter, but the phone gets cut. She apprises Mohit about it and prays for Virat’s safety. Whereas, Sai gets worried seeing the deep penetration of the bullet. Usha ask her about the reason she stopped operation, to which she replies that there isn’t any x-ray machine and proclaims that she won’t be able to bring out the bullet.

Ahead, Sai sees Virat and recalls their past. She determines to save his life and brings out the bullet. She aids his wound and saves his life. She then goes out and notify everyone about the good news. She consoles Vinayak and Savi and ask them not to worry anymore. The kids gets happy while Usha looks at Sai and sees her concern towards Virat.

Usha prays for Sai and Virat reunion, while the latter goes to check on Virat and notices that his medicine is missing. She decides to bring it from the pharmacy and goes to see the medicines. Whereas, Pakhi reaches there and goes straight inside the Virat’s room. She gets shocked seeing his state and starts crying. She caresses his head and ask him to wake up.

Further, Sai couldn’t able to find the medicines and becomes worried. She then contacts Jagtap and ask him to find the medicines. She ask him to come to the police headquarters while he goes there. Meanwhile, Sai returns back to check on Virat and gets dumbstruck seeing Pakhi. She becomes hurt finding that Pakhi is married to Virat and they have a kid Vinayak. She hides from Pakhi while the latter hugs Vinayak.

Precap:- Pakhi rings Sai’s door bell while the latter opens the door and gets shocked. Pakhi enters the house and says that their destiny always brings them in front of each other. Sai replies that she is not the same anymore and proclaims that Pakhi is now Virat’s wife. Pakhi says that she wants to ask something from Sai and insists the latter to come along with her to Chavans house, while Sai looks at her being stunned.

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