Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 19th September 2022 Written Update: Sai denies to forgive Pakhi

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 19th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pakhi getting concerned for Virat and cries seeing his state. She then meets Vinayak and caresses his hair. He assures her that soon Virat will get conscious and notify how Savi’s mother helped them and treated Virat. Whereas, Savi also comes there and introduces herself as Vinayak’s friend. Pakhi showers her love towards the child and ask about her mother in order to meet her to show gratitude towards her. Meanwhile, Pakhi calls Chavans who keeps on praying for Virat’s safety. She notify them about the matter, while everyone gets shocked.


Here, Pakhi assures the elders of Chavans family by stating that Virat is out of danger and gives the whole credit to Savi’s mother. Chavans blesses the latter for saving their son and proclaims that she was sended by the God to help them. Whereas, Sai goes through emotional turmoil after hearing their conversation and hides from Pakhi in order to keep her identify as a secret from them.

Sai feels dizzy and falls unconscious while Jagtap reaches their on exact time and helps Sai. Whereas, Virat also gets conscious and becomes furious seeing Sai and Jagtap’s closeness. He glares at them and becomes mad, while Pakhi gets elated seeing him waking up. She shows her concern towards him and expresses her worry, while he keeps staring at Jagtap and Sai.

Elsewhere, Jagtap takes Sai out of the room and shows his care towards her. Whereas, Pakhi also looks at Virat’s direction but couldn’t able to notice anything. She tries to calm Virat but his wound starts leaking. She becomes worried along with Mohit and goes to meet Savi’s mother in order to ask her for the help.

Jagtap looks after Sai while she denies to take anymore help from him. He questions if she had told Virat about Savi, to which she denies and states that she will tell him when the time will be right. He again ask that if Savi knows the truth, to which she ask him to stay away from her. She also warns him not to invade her privacy, while Savi comes there and confronts them.

Ahead, Jagtap changes the topic and tells about Sai’s state to Savi. The latter scolds Sai for not looking after herself and takes her inside. Whereas, Pakhi and Mohit gets shocked seeing Sai and misunderstood her relationship with Jagtap. Pakhi confronts Sai while the latter states that she only helped Virat because he risked his life to save Savi.

Vinayak tells that he is feeling pain in his leg while Sai looks after him. Meanwhile, Usha ask Sai to share her feelings with her but the latter denies. Usha shows her sympathy stating that Virat only loves her truly, to which the latter replies that it was the past and now Pakhi is his real wife. She cries but hides her pain from everyone else.

Further, Pakhi gets into dilemma after finding about Sai being alive and then confronts the latter. She questions her that why she didn’t returned back to Chavans house? To which Sai recalls her condition and the way Virat didn’t supported her. She clarifies that she don’t have any relationship with Virat and proclaims Pakhi to go to her husband. The latter apologizes to Sai for all her past mistakes, but the latter denies to forgive her.

Precap:- Sai and Pakhi comes face to face. Sai states that she has changed a lot in those years but Pakhi is the same. She proclaims that the latter loves Virat and now is married to him. Pakhi looks at Sai and states that she is the second wife of Virat. She then ask Sai if she will accompany her to the Chavans house? While Sai looks on.

Episode starts with Sai and Virat saving Vinayak from the goons of Gulabrao. Whereas, the latter points gun at Savi and presses the trigger to shoot her, but Virat immediately jumps in front of her in order to save her. Sai gets shocked, while Gulabrao and his goon runs away from there. Meanwhile, Sai goes towards Savi and Virat and tries to wake them up. She gets concerned and cries for her daughter, but suddenly the latter opens her eyes and gets up. Sai becomes elated seeing that Savi is fine and shower her care towards the latter. Whereas, at that time she sees Virat and finds him unconscious. She becomes worried and shakes him asking to wake up.

Here, Sai becomes devastated as she sees blood oozing from Virat’s body. She immediately decides to take him to the headquarters in order to treat him. Vinayak and Savi becomes concerned while Sai assures that Virat will get fine and ask them to follow her instructions. She sits inside the car and gets the kids along with Virat also into it.

Sai recalls the moment when he taught her how to drive the car. She gets teary eyes and determines to save him. She starts the car and reaches the headquarters, while Pakhi panics after talking to Vinayak. She packs her bag and decides to visit Kankauli along with Mohit in order to check Virat and Vinayak. She notify that Chavans about the matter and cries worrying about Virat.

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