Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 1st June 2024 Written Update: Ishaan and Surekha search for Reeva

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 1st June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with the chef serving food to Ishaan. The chef says today’s special is Puri and Amras his favourite. Ishaan thinks about Savi and says this is not his favourite anymore. Reeva’s parents later give a surprise to Ishaan and Reeva. Reeva sees that it is a Europe trip for both of them. Reeva thanks her parents.

Bhawar Patil comes to Savi and asks Savi what was she doing at the party. Savi says she went there only to deliver Samosa but she didn’t know who that party belongs to. Bhawar Patil makes a seperate cell for Savi and says to Savi that she can stay here. Savi asks Bhawar Patil if she can call Harini. Bhawar Patil says there is no need for it and says he already called Harini.

Harini, Shukla come to the police station. Harini asks Savi what happened. Savi says she went to make a somosa delivery and there was rave party going on at that place. Harini begs Bhawar Patil to release Savi. Bhawar Patil says his hands are bound and says she was found in the rave party where there are drugs so they had to arrest everyone there. Bhawar Patil says to Harini it is better for her to arrange bail and says it will take upto Rs 5 to 7 lakhs. Harini thinks where will they get that much amount. Bhawar Patil goes to talk to the reporters about the rave party.

Harini calls Ishaan and reveals to Ishaan about Savi being in jail. Ishaan hearing about it leaves the dining table right infront of everyone.

Reeva’s parents comment on Ishaan as he always goes to help Savi. Swanand reminds Reeva that the last time he left the house like this he married Savi. Reeva hearing this leaves the house.

Asha asks Bhawar Patil if he is doing this to take revenge on Savi. Bhawar Patil says to constable Asha that he is not taking revenge on Savi because she rejected him. Bhawar Patil says this is his love for Savi. Bhawar Patil says Savi asked him not to come to the tea stall so he did something to make sure that he can see Savi everyday. Asha thinks Bhawar Patil is doing wrong and she decides to tell Inder about it.

Bhawar Patil comes and says to Savi that he will arrange bail for her. Savi doesn’t agree to it and says she will fight this fight. Bhawar Patil asks Savi how will she get out without taking his help.

Ishaan comes to the police station and says to Savi that he will not allow her to stay in the jail for one minute. Ishaan gives the bail papers to Bhawar Patil and asks Bhawar Patil to release Savi. Savi says to Ishaan that she will not take his help. Ishaan comments on it and says she can repay all of this money later. Bhawar Patil without having a choice releases Savi.

Ishaan comments on Savi and asks Savi what was she doing at the rave party. Ishaan asks Savi to stop getting herself into trouble and creating trouble for him. Savi says she will ask Harini later not to call him for help and leaves from there.

Reeva parents call Surekha and ask Surekha where is Reeva. Surekha says Reeva isn’t here. Surekha sees Ishaan and asks Ishaan if Reeva is with him. Ishaan says no. Swanand says Reeva left the house right after him and if Reeva isn’t with him where is Reeva. Ishaan and Surekha hearing it leave in search of Reeva.

Reeva is shown to be drinking liquor in a restaurant and she is intoxicated. Ishaan and Surekha search for Reeva everywhere but they don’t find her.

Reeva attends Ishaan’s call and talks to him. The waiter at the bar takes the phone from Reeva and says to Ishaan that Reeva is really intoxicated and he asks them to come and take Reeva away. Ishaan and Surekha leave to the bar.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Reeva comes to Ishaan and asks Ishaan to taste something. Ishaan says no. Reeva reminds Ishaan that tomorrow they are going to be husband and wife. Ishaan hearing it leaves from there.

Ishaan comes to Savi’s tea stall and sleeps outside. Savi wakes up Ishaan. Ishaan hugs Savi.

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