Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 20th January 2023 Written Update: Pakhi lashes out at Sai

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 20th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat trying to find Sai and Vinayak and traces the latter’s number. He reaches the restaurant and scolds Sai for bringing Vinayak along with her without notifying anyone. She rebukes him and proclaims that she doesn’t need anyone’s permission as Vinayak is her son and she can take him anywhere she wants. Meanwhile, they gets inside the car and reaches Chavans house. Vinayak takes Sai inside his room to show his art work for the competition. He also insists Sai to come for the competition, while she assures to accompany him.

Here, Virat sends Vinayak inside his room stating that he wants to have some private conversation with Sai. The latter goes inside with Savi, while Vorat confronts Sai and ask of she haven’t thought about others while picking Vinayak from school, without telling anyone else about it. He expresses their worry in front of Sai, while the latter gets furious and says that she doesn’t need anyone’s permission to be with her son.

Sai declares that Vorat should tell the truth to his family as soon as possible, orelse she will unvail the reality in front of Pakhi as well as other family members. The latter gets shocked and tries to stop her from doing so. He shows his concern towards Pakhi and states that she won’t be able to bear the truth.

Elsewhere, Sai gets furious at Virat and proclaims that she don’t care about anyone else. She declares that he is still worrying for Pakhi but doesn’t regret hiding the truth from her. Sai expresses her pain in front of Virat and says that she stayed away from her son for so many years and now shw won’t let him go away from her sight.

Virat tries to make Sai understand that how her decision can effect others and troes to convince her for hiding the truth from his family. She recalls the past and says that he did the same mistake by choosing Pakhi over her and destroyed everyone’s happiness. She proclaims that Virat is again repeating his mistake by supporting Pakhi instead of her.

Ahead, Sai gets emotional and says that she lived so many years thinking that her son is dead because of her and even after seeing her sufferings, Virat kept the truth hidden from her. She determines to reveal the truth to Chavans and goes inside the house while Vorat follows her behind and keep asking her to stop.

Sai dashes with Vinayak who was coming with his clay house for the competition. The house falls down and gets broken while Savi and Vinayak gets shocked. The latter blanes Sai for breaking it while the latter assures that she can help them to rejoin it.. Vinayak says that ky won’t look like original even after rejoining and gets upset. He goes away from there while Virat again tries to make Sai understand that her decision will affect Vinayak severely.

Further, Virat tells about the love and care Pakhi has provided to Vinayak. Meanwhile, Sai stays adamant on her decision. Virat asks for sometime from her while she gives him permission and proclaims that if he fails to tell the truth then she will herself do it. At that time Pakhi and Bhavani comes there and lashes out at Sai for being careless. Pakhi rebukes Sai for taking Vinayak without their permission, to which the latter shouts that he is not their son.

Precap:- Sai confronts Virat and gives him 72 hours to tell his family that Vinayak is her son and doesn’t belong to him or Pakhi. She proclaims that after 72 hours she will take Vinayak away from them and no one can stop her. He tries to make her understand but she leaves from there. At that time Ashwini comes there being restless and tells Virat that Pakhi and Vinayak went somewhere and no one knows about there whereabouts. Virat gets shocked hearing about it.

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