Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 20th September 2022 Written Update: Sai and Pakhi’s confrontation

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 20th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat experiencing pain in an unconscious state. Whereas, Mohit looks after him and gets emotional seeing his condition. Pakhi tries to find about Sai’s relationship with Jagtap and also questions her about hiding from them for so many years. Sai replies that she don’t want to answer any of Pakhi’s question, as well as ask her not to interfere in her personal life. Sai states that she didn’t asked Pakhi and Virat about their marriage or child, then they should also maintain a distance from her. Pakhi tells that she is ready to answer all the questions of Sai, to which the latter ignores her and goes away.

Here, Sai says that she don’t want to know anything about Virat Or Pakhi. At that time Savi comes there and ask Sai to come upstairs in order to start the theraphy session of Vinayak. She moves upstairs, while Pakhi talks to Chavans about Virat’s condition.

Pakhi tells that Virat is out of danger and will be fine soon. She shows her concern, whole Chavans assures her not to worry. They also prays fot Virat for his speedy recovery and Ashwini cries hearing about her son. Pakhi consoles them and says that Savi’s mother is taking good care of Virat. Ashwini and others says that they want to thank the latter for treating Virat.

Elsewhere, Pakhi hides about Sai being alive from Chavans. Whereas, at that time Mohit comes there and questions the latter for hiding about Sai from the family. He was about to call them telling about Sai being alive, but Pakhi stops him and tells that she wants to know about Sai’s reason for abandoning them and then only she will think about any other further steps. She makes Mohit agree to her idea.

Pakhi goes upstairs while Sai continues the physiotherapy session of Vinayak. He complains about pain while she assures that soon he will get relief. Pakhi talks to Savi and questions about her father, to which the latter tells that she doesn’t know his name. Savi states that her father has sended message to her and will come back soon. Pakhi feels bad for Savi and shows her care towards the latter.

Ahead, Pakhi tells that Vinayak wants to be a good doctor like Sai, while Savi replies that she wants to be a good police officer. Pakhi then praises Virat in front of Savi. Meanwhile, Bhavani stops Harini from going to the birthday party late at night. The latter gets furious at them and becomes rebellious, while Shivani tries to handle the situation.

Shivani ask Chavans to concentrate on Virat and his health rather then anything else. Sonali talks about the upcoming birthday of Pakhi and says that they should plan a surprise for her. Shivani stands against the idea, but Bhavani supports it and says that the latter have gone through a lot and needs a surprise for herself, where she can enjoy her day without any disturbance.

Further, Virat wakes up and recalls Sai and Jagtap’s moment. He points gun at the latter and shoots him, but it all turns up to be his dream. Pakhi tries to calm him and gets worried seeing him bleeding. She calls Sai while the latter ask her to go out of the room and starts treating Virat. The latter questions her about Jagtap and her relationship, to which she rebukes him and ask not to cross his line. She declares that he is nothing more then a patient to her.

Precap:- Sai faces Pakhi and tells that she knows Virat won’t agree to get treatment from her, but warns that it isn’t safe for him to travel so long in such state, as he is not well. At that time Virat comes there and tells Sai that she doesn’t need to care about his wounds as he is going back to his house along with his family. He holds Pakhi’s hand and drags her along with him, while the latter looks at Sia being stunned.

Episode starts with Pakhi getting concerned for Virat and cries seeing his state. She then meets Vinayak and caresses his hair. He assures her that soon Virat will get conscious and notify how Savi’s mother helped them and treated Virat. Whereas, Savi also comes there and introduces herself as Vinayak’s friend. Pakhi showers her love towards the child and ask about her mother in order to meet her to show gratitude towards her. Meanwhile, Pakhi calls Chavans who keeps on praying for Virat’s safety. She notify them about the matter, while everyone gets shocked.

Here, Pakhi assures the elders of Chavans family by stating that Virat is out of danger and gives the whole credit to Savi’s mother. Chavans blesses the latter for saving their son and proclaims that she was sended by the God to help them. Whereas, Sai goes through emotional turmoil after hearing their conversation and hides from Pakhi in order to keep her identify as a secret from them.

Sai feels dizzy and falls unconscious while Jagtap reaches their on exact time and helps Sai. Whereas, Virat also gets conscious and becomes furious seeing Sai and Jagtap’s closeness. He glares at them and becomes mad, while Pakhi gets elated seeing him waking up. She shows her concern towards him and expresses her worry, while he keeps staring at Jagtap and Sai.

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