Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st February 2024 Written Update: Ishaan gives a reality check to Savi

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Savi saying to Ishaan that he should have just told the board that once Harini regains consciousness she will leave this marriage. Savi asks Ishaan why didn’t he tell anyone anything about this. Savi says she will go and tell everyone in the college about this.

Ishaan stops Savi and asks Savi to come back with him. The police see Ishaan and Savi arguing right in the middle of the road. The police think Ishaan is causing trouble for Savi. The police accuse Ishaan of harassing a woman. The police try to hit Ishaan. Savi stops the cops and asks the inspector what is he doing. The inspector asks Savi if he is not harassing him. Savi says Ishaan is her husband. The cops get surprised that Savi and Ishaan are husband and wife. The inspector asks Savi and Ishaan to argue at their home instead of in the middle of the road.

Ishaan takes Savi to a side and says to Savi that it’s no use even if she told the truth as it will not change the fact that they are married but it will only destroy the Bhosle family’s reputation. Savi asks Ishaan how will it destroy the Bhosle family’s reputation. Ishaan reminds Savi that within two days there is a reception and if she goes and tells everyone that their marriage is going to break within a while then the Bhosle family will become a laughing stock. Ishaan asks Savi to calm down and says there is another solution to it.

Surekha gives the responsibility of Ishaan and Savi’s reception to Durva and Anvi. Durva and Anvi don’t agree to it. Surekha says they have to do it for Bhosle family. Surekha later gives the good news to both of them along with Reeva that Savi lost her scholarship. Durva feels elated hearing this.

Reeva says to Surekha that Savi isn’t the kind of person that will stay calm Surekha says Savi will not be able to do anything. Surekha later reveals to Reeva that Ishaan and Savi’s reception is within two days and she can stay in their farm house if she doesn’t want to be here for the reception. Reeva says she will stay here. Surekha hopes that Reeva and Ishaan will get together as husband and wife.

Ishaan gives a cheque to Savi. Savi doesn’t accept the cheque saying it will hurt her self respect. Ishaan tries to convince Savi to take the cheque but Savi doesn’t take it. Ishaan tears it and throws it in the air. Savi comments on it. Ishaan comments on Savi and leaves from there.

Savi looks for part time jobs the whole night. Savi gets a call for an interview in the morning.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Surekha stops Savi when she is about to leave and reminds her she doesn’t have permission to leave this house. Savi says she agreed not to go to the college not to other places. Savi says she lost her scholarship so she needs to go and arrange the money to pay for it. Savi leaves from there. Surekha asks others who does Savi thinks she is.

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