Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st May 2022 Written Update: Sai apologises to Bhavani

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st May 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat asking Bhavani to give equal rights to the daughter-in-laws of Chavans house. He takes a stand for Sai as well as other ladies, who has to quit their career and job to follow the rules and regulations of Bhavani. Virat questions Bhavani that why she doesn’t let the womens work? To which the latter gets frustrated with Virat’s point and declares that everyone have their own work to do and if the daughter-in-laws will start doing job, then who will do the house chores? She stops Virat from pointing fingers on her decisions and scolds him for lying about Sai’s internship. He tries to make her understand, but she denies to forgive him and Sai.

Here, Samrat takes a stand for Pakhi and joins Virat in his statement. He says that Pakhi does so much of work and he feels bad that she has to leave her job. He insists that he wants to see Pakhi working in her passion as he really admires it, whereas the latter gets suprised by his gesture and questions that why suddenly he started taking stand for her?

Mohit also comes forward and states that he also wants Karishma to work. She gets elated hearing it, while Sonali glares her. Mohit says that he will also support Virat in his gesture and states that it is a great initiative. Virat tells Bhavani that why she does partiality between them and their wifes? To which Bhavani questions that if they want her and other elders to do the house chores, while the daughter-in-laws will roam around to do their jobs?

Elsewhere, Virta tries to make Bhavani understand that he doesn’t want the elders to do anything. He tells that the mens can work when womens are busy and vice versa. He says by doing this everyone will get the oppertunity to complete their dreams by doing their jobs. He reminds Bhavani about her time when she have handed all the business alone.

Bhavani tells about the situation demand which made her work. She tells about the advice given by the elders, while Virat says that it is the time to change all the thinking. Bhavani gets furious at Virat along with Samrat and Mohit. She scolds them for trying to bring a change and declares that she won’t let this happen.

Ahead, Sai comes forward and apologises to Bhavani for hurting her. She says that she wants to fulfill all the responsibilities given by Bhavani to her and requests her to have faith. She touches Bhavani’s leg to apologise but Bhavani denies to forgive her. She takes Sai towards the God’s isol and removes the threat which she have tied on Sai’s hand.

Sai gets hurt while others gets shocked. Bhavani proclaims that Sai and Virat have hidden things from her and kept her in dark. She says that she won’t ever trust Sai, whereas the latter notify her about her 24hours shift of job. Bhavani gets furious and denies but Virat shows his support towards his wife. Whereas, Ashwini comes there and takes a stand for Sai. She tries to convince Bhavani and ask her to let the ladies work but the latter goes against them.

Further, Shivani also comes forward and tells that of the daughters of the house can work then why not daughter-in-laws? She questions upon Bhavani’s partiality, while Omkar shows his support towards Bhavani and ask her not to listen to anyone. Meanwhile, Bhavani gives her verdict that she won’t change her decision. Whereas, Sai shows her gratitude towards Virat for supporting her and he gets suprised hearing Sai calling him by his name.

Precap:- Sai calls Virat by his name and he gets excited. He makes her call him again and again and both hugs eachother. Whereas, the politician grandly welcome Jagtap as he comes out of the prison. He questions that what he wants? To which Jagtap replies Sai.

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