Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st September 2022 Written Update: Sai suffers emotional breakdown

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st September 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai treating Virat’s wounds while he confronts her about Jagtap and her relationship. She denies to answer him and says that she didn’t asked about his marriage or relationship with Pakhi, then he also don’t have any rights to ask her personal question. She was about to get up when he holds her wrist tightly and demands for an answer, while she becomes furious and tries to free her hand. She shouts at Virat and ask him not to misbehave with her. He lashes out at her and proclaims that he won’t leave her till she notify him about the truth.

Here, Vinayak comes inside Virat’s room along with Pakhi while Virat immediately leaves Sai’s hand. Vinayak tells that he have completed his exercises as suggested by Sai and ask if he can go along with her to meet Savi. Virat gets angry and denies his request while Sai makes some excuses and convinces Vinayak to stay with Virat and Pakhi.

Sai says that Vinayak can meet Savi when she will wake up, while the latter agrees. Sai also tells taunts that Virat and Pakhi wants to have a conversation alone as they are couple and leaves from there. Vinayak also goes out, while Pakhi looks after Virat and ask him to stay calm. She gets concerned for his health, while he grows anxious recalling Sai and Jagtap’s moment.

Elsewhere, Mohit confronts Sai as she was leaving the police headquarters. He tells that his family has went to a lot after Sai left the house. He proclaims that they have stood with one another and finally taught themselves to live peacefully. He request Sai not to ruin their peace and ask not to interfere in their life anymore. He thanks her for saving Virat and ask to stay away from them.

Sai hears Mohit’s words and leaves from there without saying anything. Meanwhile, Pakhi discuss about the matter with Virat. He tells that Savi is Sai and Jagtap’s daughter, while Pakhi denies stating that Sai can’t be able to become a mother. Virat stays firm on his words and says that he have seen the closeness of Sai and Jagtap.

Ahead, Pakhi also thinks about the time when she asked Sai about her relationship with Jagtap and she denied to tell anything. Pakhi gets concerned about her relationship with Virat and talks about their marriage because of Vinayak. He holds her hand and assures that Sai can’t come in between them. He proclaims that their relationship will be the same as it was before, while Pakhi gets teary eyes and look at him.

Sai returns back to her house while Savi sits along with her and ask about Virat. She decides to visit him and gives a gift to make him recover fast. Usha sends Savi inside her room and ask to take rest. She also confronts Sai about the matter, to which the latter breaks down and tells about all her feelings. She gets furious and ask why Virat returned back in her life, when she was living a good life with her daughter.

Further, Usha tries to calm Sai and says that Virat still loves her. Sai denies her words and proclaims that his only love was Pakhi and now they are married. She says that Virat was just attracted towards her since they used to live together. Usha feels bad for Sai and ask her to tell Virat about Savi being his daughter, but the latter denies and proclaims that she will protect her daughter from Chavans anyhow.

Precap:- Sai faces Pakhi and tells that she knows Virat won’t agree to get treatment from her, but warns that it isn’t safe for him to travel so long in such state, as he is not well. At that time Virat comes there and tells Sai that she doesn’t need to care about his wounds as he is going back to his house along with his family. He holds Pakhi’s hand and drags her along with him, while the latter looks at Sia being stunned.

Episode starts with Virat experiencing pain in an unconscious state. Whereas, Mohit looks after him and gets emotional seeing his condition. Pakhi tries to find about Sai’s relationship with Jagtap and also questions her about hiding from them for so many years. Sai replies that she don’t want to answer any of Pakhi’s question, as well as ask her not to interfere in her personal life. Sai states that she didn’t asked Pakhi and Virat about their marriage or child, then they should also maintain a distance from her. Pakhi tells that she is ready to answer all the questions of Sai, to which the latter ignores her and goes away.

Here, Sai says that she don’t want to know anything about Virat Or Pakhi. At that time Savi comes there and ask Sai to come upstairs in order to start the theraphy session of Vinayak. She moves upstairs, while Pakhi talks to Chavans about Virat’s condition.

Pakhi tells that Virat is out of danger and will be fine soon. She shows her concern, whole Chavans assures her not to worry. They also prays fot Virat for his speedy recovery and Ashwini cries hearing about her son. Pakhi consoles them and says that Savi’s mother is taking good care of Virat. Ashwini and others says that they want to thank the latter for treating Virat.

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