Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 23rd February 2024 Written Update: Ishaan lashes out Durva

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 23rd February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Harry asking Savi about why is she doing this job. Savi says to Harry that she needs to pay her college fee and this job doesn’t clash with her college timings. Harry’s mother in law calls Harry and talks to her. Savi gets surprised that Harry’s real name is Harini just like her sister’s name. Savi talks with Harini.

Nishikanth recalls how Yashwant humiliated him. Ashmita comes to Nishikanth and offers a glass of water to Nishikanth. Ashmita asks Nishikanth if Savi lost her scholarship really due to college rules or if Surekha is behind it. Nishikanth throws the glass away and twists Ashmita’s ear. Nishikanth warns Ashmita to stay in her limits and not interfere in Savi’s matter. Savi sees Nishikanth manhandling Ashmita. Nishikanth seeing Savi leaves from there. Ashmita tries to cover up for Nishikanth. Savi asks Ashmita about Nishikanth’s behaviour and says she saw everything. Ashmita pleads Savi not to interfere in their matter and reminds her to concentrate on her problems. Ashmita leaves from there.

Savi thinks she needs to tell Ishaan about her job.

Surekha and other family ladies talk about nobody from Savi’s side coming to the reception. Shikha feels sorry for Savi. Durva says to Shikha that there is no need to feel sorry for Savi as she is a Gold digger. Ishaan comes to Durva and asks Durva to stop speaking ill of others without knowing the truth. Durva asks Ishaan what wrong did she do. Ishaan comments on Durva.

Ishaan recalls about what happened. Reeva asks Ishaan to calm down and asks Ishaan to think of his family’s point of view. Reeva says to Ishaan that his one decision changed all of their lives. Ishaan says he knows about it and he also apologised for it. Ishaan says there is a way to speak and comments on it.

Reeva says to Ishaan that this applies to Savi also. Reeva reminds Ishaan how Savi is speaking rudely with Surekha. Savi asks Reeva how could she talk behind her back and comment on her. Ishaan says there is nothing like that. Savi says she heard everything.

Reeva says she always speaks the truth. Savi explains to Reeva that she was not behaving rudely with Surekha, she is fighting for her right which is taken away from her. Savi says to Reeva that she doesn’t know how it feels to stay in a house where everyone hates her. Savi gives an example saying when others in the college gossiped about Reeva, Reeva resigned and gave it to Ishaan but Surekha tore it and understood her pain. Savi says in her situation she got punished where there isn’t even her fault. Savi says she was restricted to not go to college. Savi says she should take permission and asks Reeva if she is in jail.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Ashmita shows the Savi’s reception dress to Surekha. Surekha and Ashmita go to Savi’s room to show Savi her dress. Surekha gets shocked knowing that Savi is not in the house.

Harry calls Savi and asks Savi to stay for an hour and says she will be there on time. Savi says she needs to leave before 6 pm.

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