Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Sai practice to notify Vinayak about the truth

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 23rd January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pakhi making the clay house with Vinayak. She helps him to cover the marks which occurred due to the falling and breaking of the house. He says that Sai helped him to stick the house again and now Pakhi painted it to made it look even better. He shows his gratitude towards Pakhi and they spends a quality time together. At that moment Virat comes there and sees Pakhi and Vinayak enjoying each other’s company. He then recalls Sai’s warning and decides to reveal the truth to the latter before it gets too late.

Here, Virat ask Pakhi to come with him as he needs to have some important conversation with her. She looks at him and then excuses Vinayak. She ask him to continue and assures that soon she will join him. She then moves towards Virat while Vinayak shows him the clay house and tells how Pakhi made it better.

Virat smiles seeing Vinayak and Pakhi’s bond. He then goes towards his room followed by Pakhi. She questions him that what he wants to talk about? She also proclaims that why he disturbed her happy moment with Vinayak? To which Virat gets nervous and says that he needs to tell her about something important.

Elsewhere, Pakhi waits for Virat to continue while he goes towards his cupboard and brings Vinu’s sweeter out. He shows it to Pakhi and ask that if she remember about it? He proclaims that it is the same sweeter which Sai had made for Vinu. He gets teary eyes while Pakhi recalls the past.

Pakhi blames Sai for snatching their vinu from them. She says that the latter deserves to live his life with his family but due to Sai’s ego he died. She gets teary eyes and questions that why Virat is reminding her about such painful past? To which Virat was about to tell the truth to her but Vinayak comes there.

Ahead, Pakhi sees someone’s shadow on the window and gets a letter wrapped in a stone. She gets suspicious and shares her worry with Virat. She was about to read the letter when Vinayak kept it aside and takes Pakhi to his room along with Virat. He sits with them in order to take a family picture.

Sai calls Vinayak while the latter stops the timer of the camera in order to talk to her. She becomes nervous and says that she just called to hear his house. He gets confused seeing her behavior and ask why she is calling him continuously? Pakhi becomes irked and says that Sai doesn’t even let them click a family picture.

Further, Sai practices in front of the mirror in order to reveal the truth to Vinayak. She also imagines her father and discuss her excitement with him. He ask that what will happen to Pakhi? To which Sai proclaims that she won’t stop her from meeting Vinayak, but declares that she will get her son back in her life.

Precap:- Vinayak wins an award and tells about it to his family. Pakhi and Sai along with Virat gets happy for him and starts clapping. Vinayak says that he wants to dedicate his trophy to his mother. He looks at Sai and Pakhi, while they smiles and starts moving towards him. Virat looks at them and gets worried. He thinks that he haven’t told Pakhi that Vinayak is Sai’s son and becomes tensed thinking that what he will do?

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