Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 25th February 2024 Written Update: Reeva fails in convincing Surekha

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 25th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Savi attending all the customers in the cafe. One of the customers cuts the line and asks Savi to give him a chocolate shake for his daughter. Savi asks the customer to come in the line. The customer behaves rudely with Savi and says to Savi that he has enough money to buy this cafe and even her. Savi argues with the customer and asks him to come in the line. The customer calls for the manger to complaint about Savi. The manager asks Savi what is she doing. Savi says she is following the rules. Savi says the customer cut the line. Harry also comes and says it’s true. The customer gets upset and leaves from there.

The manager says to Savi and Harry that she will see them later. Harry apologises to Savi. Savi says she has to leave and leaves from there. Savi sees that her phone battery is dead.

Reeva comes and asks Ishaan if he knows where is Savi. Ishaan says he doesn’t know. Reeva says to Ishaan that Surekha is really troubled with Savi not being in the house.

Surekha sees Ishaan and compliants to Ishaan about Savi as Savi is not in the house. Surekha says to Ishaan that she strictly ordered Savi to stay in the house but instead she went out of the house. Surekha comments on Ishaan as he always supports Savi no matter what kind of mistake she makes. Surekha says to Ishaan that she has decided not to participate in the reception today and says Ishaan and Yashwant might have their reason to allow Savi to stay in this house but she is not interested in being humiliated by Savi like this. Savi comes and apologises to Surekha as she is late and says she still came before 7 pm. Surekha comments on Savi and says to Savi that she can go and enjoy her reception and leaves from there.

Ishaan asks Savi where did she go and why hasn’t she picked up his calls. Ashmita says to Ishaan that this is not the time for all of these arguments. Ashmita says to Ishaan that Savi is being late already and says Savi needs to get ready right away. Shikha takes Savi away from there.

Ishaan thinks Savi shouldn’t have left today.

In the reception, Ishaan asks Reeva if Ashmita talked to Surekha. Reeva says Surekha locked herself up in a room. Ishaan thinks he can’t see Surekha being upset. Reeva seeing this asks Ishaan not to worry and says she will go and talk to Surekha. Ishaan agrees.

Ishaan comes to Savi’s room and asks Savi why hasn’t she gotten ready. Ishaan sees that Savi is having trouble to do things with only one hand so he helps her.

Reeva pleads Surekha to open the door for her. Surekha says to Reeva that she likes her very much but she likes her self respect also. Surekha says Savi hurt her self respect not once but many times. Surekha asks Reeva if she respects her self respect then she will not ask her to participate in the reception.

Savi decides to tell the truth to Ishaan about her job but Ishaan asks Savi to stay quiet for a while. Reeva comes to Savi’s room and she sees Ishaan and Savi’s shadow and thinks they are kissing each other. Reeva gets devastated seeing this but she calms herself down. Ishaan opens the door and asks Reeva what is she doing here. Reeva says she came here to tell him that Surekha is not even opening the door to talk to her. Ishaan says it would have been good if Surekha participates in the reception. Reeva asks Ishaan to go downstairs as everyone is waiting for him and she will help Savi. Savi says she can do it. Ishaan asks Savi to take Reeva’s help. Reeva says to Savi that Ishaan will be troubled if she doesn’t get ready on time.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Yashwant introduces Savi as Bhosle family daughter in law to all the guests. The customer with which Savi has gotten in an argument in the cafe comes to Bhosle reception as guest and he recognises Savi. He couldn’t believe that Savi daughter in law of Bhosle family is working as a waiter in a cafe. The Bhosle family get shocked with this news.

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