Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 29th January 2024 Written Update: Ishaan searches for Savi

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 29th January 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ishaan saying to Yashwant that if he takes a decision then he needs to accept the consequences of that decision. Ishaan says to Bhosle family that he married Savi so he needs to accept Savi as his wife. Ishaan pleads with the Bhosle family to accept his decision.


The van driver calls for Raghu but he doesn’t respond to him. The van driver goes to check it out. The van driver finds Savi missing in the back. The van driver comes forward. Savi kicks him and escapes from the van. The van driver chases Savi.

Ishaan comes to Reeva’s house to apologise Reeva and rings the doorbell. Swati opens the door and asks Ishaan what is he doing here. Ishaan says to Swati that he would like to meet Reeva. Swati asks Ishaan to leave if not she will call the police. Ishaan says he would like to apologise to Reeva. Swati says to Ishaan that he doesn’t deserve forgiveness and asks Ishaan to live with guilt for life and says that is the punishment for him. Swati asks Ishaan if he would like to meet Reeva. Ishaan says yes. Swati brings memories of Ishaan and Reeva and asks them to take these away. Swati warns Ishaan if he tries to meet Reeva again she will call the police. Ishaan sees Reeva coming out of her room. Ishaan calls for Reeva. Swati closes the door on Ishaan’s face. Ishaan later leaves from there.

Savi throws a stick and injures the van driver chasing her. The van driver chases Savi again.

Ishaan gets a call from the hospital reception that they couldn’t contact Savi so they called him for some medicine. Ishaan asks the hospital receptionist where is Savi. The hospital receptionist says that Savi isn’t in the hospital from last night.

Savi stops a car and asks the people in the car to help her saying someone is trying to kidnap her. Savi shows the van driver. Savi notices that the people in the car and the van driver know each other. Savi runs away from them. The Goons chase her.

Ishaan comes to the hostel and asks the security guard why is the CCTV camera is corridor switched off. Nishikanth comes to Ishaan and asks Ishaan what happened. Ishaan says to Nishikanth that he is searching for Savi as Savi has left the hospital last night and there is no trace of her after that. He hoped to get a lead from CCTV footage but it was turned off and nobody wrote down the ambulance no that Savi had left in. Nishikanth says Savi might have run away. Ishaan says Savi will never leave her sister in the hospital.

Ishaan gets a call from the cops and learns that Samrud has escaped from jail. Ishaan suspects Samrud of kidnapping Savi.

Savi throws dirt in the Goons eyes and leaves from there.

Ishaan gets the ambulance no from Shukla. Ishaan takes Shukla to search for the ambulance. Prateek sends Ishaan the ambulance location.

Ishaan and Shukla find the ambulance. They find Raghu unconscious in it. Ishaan thinks Savi might have ran into the jungle to escape from them. Ishaan goes searching for Savi and finds Blood on a stick and thinks it is Savi’s blood.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Ishaan tries to save Savi. The Goons shoot Ishaan and take Savi away from there. The goons later call Nishikanth and reveal to him that they killed Ishaan. Nishikanth reveals to Yashwant about Ishaan being killed.

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