Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 2nd June 2024 Written Update: Ishaan makes a promise to Reeva

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 2nd June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Harini asking Savi why is she not listening to her heart. Savi says she has no feelings for Ishaan in her heart. Harini comments on it. Savi says she doesn’t want to talk about it and goes to sleep.

Ishaan and Surekha reach the bar and restaurant. An intoxicated guy tries to flirt with Reeva. Ishaan pushes the guy and tries to take Reeva away but he creates trouble. Ishaan manhandles the intoxicated guy and sends him away. Ishaan tries to take Reeva away. Reeva says she will not go home as she is humiliated a lot. Reeva reminds Ishaan how he left her and married Savi last time. Reeva says she doesn’t know how will she survive without him. Ishaan takes Reeva away from there.

Ishaan puts Reeva into the car. Ishaan leaves from there. Surekha says to Ishaan that he is responsible for Reeva’s condition. Ishaan brings Reeva to her parents home. Ishaan takes Reeva to her room.

Surekha apologises to Reeva’s parents on behalf of Ishaan. Surekha gives her word to Reeva’s parents that Ishaan will not hurt Reeva again due to Savi.

Reeva pleads Ishaan to stay with her and sings Ishaan’s favourite song to entertain Ishaan. Ishaan thinks about Savi.

The next day, Savi brings food for her neighbour as Savi’s neighbour hand is shown to have fractured. Savi brings food everyday for her neighbour. Savi’s neighbour asks Savi about what does she do and about her marriage. Savi says she runs a tea stall outside the Bhosle Institute and says she is divorced. Savi later leaves from there.

Reeva wakes up. Ishaan serves coffee to Reeva. Reeva asks Ishaan if he hasn’t left her. Ishaan apologises to Reeva for what happened and says to Reeva that Savi will not come in between them. Ishaan gets a call from the lawyer asking Ishaan to get Savi’s signature on some papers. Ishaan asks the lawyer to go to Savi himself. Reeva hearing it hugs Ishaan.

The neighbour comes to Savi’s tea stall bringing a marriage proposal. The neighbour introduces Abhijeet to Savi and says to Savi that they came here with a marriage proposal for her. The lawyer comes to Savi for her signature. Savi gives her signature to the lawyer and sends her away.

The lawyer comes to Ishaan for his signature. Ishaan talks to the lawyer about Savi. The lawyer says a guy came to Savi with marriage proposal. Ishaan gets surprised hearing it.

Savi apologises to her neighbour and says she doesn’t want to get married right now and says she just wants to focus on her studies. The neighbour takes Abhijeet and leaves from there.

Bhawar Patil comes to Savi for her signature regarding her bail. Ishaan decides to convince Savi not to get married and he goes to her.

Savi says to Bhawar Patil that she will come to the police station if it is on official work. Bhawar Patil says it not trouble for him to come here and comments on it. Bhawar Patil sees Ishaan and recalls what happened. Bhawar Patil thinks once he puts Ishaan in jail then Savi will realise who is the real hero. Bhawar Patil leaves from there.

Savi asks Ishaan to speak quickly. Savi gets some customers to her tea stall. Ishaan sends them and asks Harini to distribute all of her Poha to Bhosle Institute staff. Ishaan asks Savi to make a tea for him.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Reeva tries to feed Ishaan something. Ishaan doesn’t agree. Reeva reminds Ishaan tomorrow they are going to be married. Ishaan hearing it leaves to Savi’s tea stall and sleeps right outside the tea stall. Savi wakes up Ishaan and asks Ishaan what is he doing. Ishaan hugs Savi and cries to himself.

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