Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 30th May 2024 Written Update: Ishaan tries to tell the truth to Reeva

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 30th May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Reeva trying on the Mangalsutra one by one. Ishaan looks at Reeva and thinks about Savi. Durva says to Reeva that this Mangalsutra is looking great. Ishaan comes out of his day dream. Ishaan says to Reeva that this Mangalsutra is looking great on her. Shukla comes to Bhosle mansion. Shukla says to Ishaan that he forgot his purse in Savi’s house and Shukla came here to return it back. Reeva overhears their conversation and understands Ishaan went to visit Savi at her home. Reeva lashes out at Ishaan saying it is very wrong of him to lie to Reeva and go and visit Savi. Reeva asks Ishaan why did he go and visit Savi. Ishaan says to Reeva that Savi got a fever. Reeva comments on Ishaan as Savi is trying to get his attention by making up a lie. Reeva reminds Ishaan that he has no relationship with Savi and asks Ishaan to stop falling for Savi’s tricks and leaves from there. Reeva leaves from there.

Ishaan’s inner self comes to Ishaan and asks Ishaan to do something about his wedding. Ishaan says to his inner self that he will not do this wedding and says he doesn’t love Reeva but he loves Savi. Ishaan says he will go and tell the truth to Reeva that he can’t marry her and he will accept whatever punishment Reeva has for him.

Savi is shown to be concentrating on her studies. Bhawar Patil comes to Savi’s tea stall. Bhawar Patil disturbs Savi to get her attention and asks Savi if she will come with him to have food as a new restaurant opened here. Savi says she just wants to concentrate on her studies. Bhawar Patil agrees and leaves from there.

Ishaan comes to Reeva and tries to talk to Reeva. Reeva says to Ishaan that they have to go to the designer studio as it not easy to get appointment of that designer. Reeva says they can talk later. Surekha calls for Shikha and Ashmita. Shikha says she will not be able to come as she isn’t feeling well. Surekha agrees.

Ishaan tries to talk to Reeva but Durva interrupts Ishaan. Durva says to Ishaan that he can talk to Reeva later.

Bhawar Patil stops Savi from reading and says to Savi that she can first eat some food and study later. Bhawar Patil says to Savi the food will also come to her. The waiter comes and serves food to Savi, Harini and others. Savi recalls Ishaan’s words and thinks she might be thinking too much.

In the boutique, Ishaan tries to talk to Reeva but he is again interrupted. Ishaan goes to try the dresses. Ishaan thinks about Savi and selects a dress. Reeva comes and says to Ishaan that this dress is looking. Durva comes and also says the same thing. Durva asks Ishaan and Reeva to try their dresses.

Savi gets plants as gifts. Savi doesn’t know who sent these plants as gifts. Harini says Ishaan might have sent these plants. Savi comments on it.

Savi still gets plants as gifts. Bhawar Patil brings a plant stand and says to Savi that he learnt she likes plants just like him so he prepared this plant pot stand to make her wish come true. Savi seeing Bhawar Patil’s actions thinks Bhawar Patil might have wrong impression that she has feelings for him. Savi decides to clarify to Bhawar Patil later.

Reeva from the dressing room says to Ishaan how much happy that they are finally getting married. Reeva’s says she is going to enjoy this every moment.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Ishaan thinks Reeva is in the dressing room and confesses to Reeva that he didn’t know when but he started having feelings for Savi. Ishaan says to Reeva that he can’t do this wedding. Ishaan pulls the curtain and sees Surekha inside and gets shocked.

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