Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 31st May 2024 Written Update: Savi rejects Bhawar Patil’s advances

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 31st May 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Reeva saying to Ishaan that she will live every moment this time. Ishaan decides to tell the truth to Reeva. Ishaan asks Reeva to listen to him. Ishaan says to Reeva that he can’t marry her and says he has fallen in love with Savi and he wants to live his life with Savi. Ishaan doesn’t get a response from Reeva so pushes the curtain aside and he sees Surekha. Ishaan asks Surekha what is she doing here. Surekha asks Ishaan what was he doing. Surekha asks Ishaan if he wants to tell Reeva that he loves Savi. Ishaan says to Reeva that he wants to tell the truth. Ishaan says he loves Savi and says he always thinks of ways to go to Savi. Ishaan says to Surekha it is wrong of her to marry Reeva while he loves Savi. Surekha raises her hand at Ishaan but she doesn’t hit him. Surekha says to Ishaan that if he tells the truth to Reeva she will not be able to stand it. Surekha says to Ishaan that Reeva will become a living dead body. Surekha says to Ishaan that he will marry Reeva and she asks Ishaan to keep his feelings to himself. Ishaan doesn’t agree to it. Surekha makes Ishaan swear on her that he will not tell anything to Reeva. Ishaan seeing agrees to not tell anything to Reeva. Surekha hearing it leaves from there.

Savi looks at the flowers and thinks about Ishaan. Savi is shown to be sitting in the back of a moving truck and plant pots are around her in the truck.

In the traffic jam a flower falls over Ishaan’s shoulder. Ishaan and Reeva see that it is from the mini truck that Savi is sitting in. Reeva thinks why does Savi always come to the place where ever they go. Ishaan says this is just a coincidence. Reeva says to Ishaan that the lights are turned green and asks Ishaan to drive the car quickly.

Bhawar Patil makes a jail inmate sing a song about plants. The lady constable calls Bhawar Patil to aside and asks Bhawar Patil what is he doing. Bhawar Patil comments about Savi.

Savi comes to the police station with the plants that Bhawar Patil gifted her. Savi comes to Bhawar Patil and says to Bhawar Patil if she ever gave him wrong hints that they can be together then she apologises to him. Savi says she can see his actions. Savi asks Bhawar Patil to stop sending him gifts and says nothing will happen in between them. Savi leaves from there.

The constable asks Bhawar Patil why hasn’t he said anything when Savi lectured him like that. Bhawar Patil comments and says he will just make Savi realise how much she loves him.

Reeva comes to Ishaan and asks Ishaan what does he want to say about Savi. Ishaan says to Reeva that from today onwards they will not talk about Savi as they are going to start their lives afresh.

Harini says to Savi that she shouldn’t have lectured Bhawar Patil like that infront of everyone. Savi asks Harini what else can she do as Bhawar Patil is really doing too much and comments on him. Shukla reminds Savi that they were able to get back this shop only because of Bhawar Patil. Savi comments on it. Savi goes to give an order. Bhawar Patil is Joan to be keeping an eye on Savi.

Ishaan thinks about Savi. Surekha comes and asks Ishaan if he is ready. Ishaan says yes. Surekha says to Ishaan that he knows it is hard for him now but once he gets married to Reeva he will forget about Savi and she is sure of it. Ishaan says he gave a promise to her that he will not tell the truth to Reeva and says to Surekha that he can’t make any more promises than that. Surekha agrees and leaves from there.

Savi comes to the address to deliver the Samosa. Savi sees that inside there is a party going on. A guy in the party takes the Samosa and leaves from there.

The police come and raid the party. Constable Asha catches Savi and says to Savi that she is under arrest. Savi says she just came here to make a delivery and she didn’t come here to party. Bhawar Patil asks Savi what is she doing here. Savi says she came here to make a delivery. The constable Asha says to Bhawar Patil that she is caught here in the raid so they need to arrest her and Savi can tell her reason in the court. Bhawar Patil says to Savi that he trusts she is innocent but he needs to follow the law. The constable Asha arrests Savi.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Bhawar Patil says to constable Asha that he is not taking revenge on Savi because she rejected him. Bhawar Patil says this is his love for Savi. Bhawar Patil says Savi asked him not to come to the tea stall so he did something to make sure that he ca see Savi. Everyday. Asha thinks Bhawar Patil is doing wrong and she decides to tell someone about it.

Ishaan is shown to be talking on the phone and he gets shocked with the news.

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