Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 31st October 2022 Written Update: Virat decides to keep Vinayak away from Sai

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 31st October 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat coaching Vinayak for the racing competition. He proclaims that once Vinayak wins the race then Sai will go out of their life. He pushes Vinayak out of his limits while the latter gets hurts. Vinayak keeps trying to do his best in order to win the race to make Sai and Virat proud. He also recalls his promise to Savi and proclaims that he will have to win the race in order to convince Virat to adopt Savi. Whereas, Virat gets concerned for Vinayak and stops him from practicing.

Here, Omkar gives three returning tickets of Sai, Savi and Usha to Bhavani, while the latter smirks thinking that soon Sai will leave from their lives. She shows her excitement and proclaims that as soon as Vinayak wins the race they will get rid of Sai. Sonali and Omkar agrees to her, while at that time Pakhi also comes there.

Bhavani gives the tickets to Pakhi while the latter questions that if it is related to her and Virat’s honeymoon trip? Bhavani denies and suggest Pakhi to take the next step in her and Virat’s relationship. She ask them to stay together along with the family and develop their bond. She also notify about the returning tickets of Sai and says that soon they will get free from her.

Elsewhere, Virat enters inside the house along with an injured Vinayak. Chavans gets concerned for him while Sonali ask if he fall while running? To which Vinayak replies positively and says that he can’t practice anymore for the race. Whereas, Pakhi gets worried for him and sits to check his wounds. He ask to call Sai in order to treat him.

Pakhi gets tensed seeing Vinayak’s state and was about to calls Sai to come there in order to treat him, when Virat stops her. He says that he can treat his son and they don’t need Sai all the time. He takes Vinayak inside the room while Pakhi follows them. The latter starts applying antiseptic cream on Vinayak’s wound while the latter hisses in pain and ask to call Sai.

Ahead, Pakhi ask Virat to be careful while he replies that he knows what’s best for his son. He ask Vinayak that if the latter doesn’t trust him? To which Vinayak replies that he do have faith in Virat but he also trusts Sai for his treatment. He proclaims that the latter must have some solution for him to win the race and insist to go to her house but Virat denies to fulfill his request.

Virat decides to take Vinayak to the police training camp and ask the latter if he wants to be like him, to which Vinayak nods positively. He also recalls Savi’s interest in police officers and decides to tell her about it. Meanwhile, Pakhi takes Virat to another room and confronts about his behavior, to which the latter notify her about his and Sai’s conversation. He says that it’s better for Vinayak to stay away from Sai.

Further, Savi gets concerned for Sai after seeing her state while the latter hides the truth from her. Savi cheers Sai while the latter smiles and tells that Savi is her strength. Meanwhile, Vinayak calls Savi and tells about the training camp. She gets excited and ask to come along with him. He gives the phone to Virat while she insists to come along with him. Virat tries to deny her by making some excuses but she proclaims that she doesn’t have any problem.

Precap:- Virat gets into a fight with Jagtap and holds his collar. He proclaims to teach him a lesson while Jagtap reveal the truth to him about Savi being his daughter. Virat gets shocked and moves back from Jagtap. Whereas, Sai decides to leave the city along with Savi. She was about to get inside the train, when Virat comes there and holds Savi’s hand to stop her from going. Meanwhile, Sai and Virat looks at each other and the latter gets shocked.

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