Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 3rd December 2022 Written Update: Sai tries to contact Pratap’s ex-fiance Ruhi

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 3rd December 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Pakhi getting restless thinking about Vinayak and decides to visit him. She calls Virat and shares her worry with him. She insists him to give her the address of Sai’s hospital so that she can go there and pick Vinayak up. She decides to spend sometime with her son, while Virat gets shocked and tries to avoid her demand. He makes an excuse and ask her to rest. He says that she haven’t recovered fully and orders her to stay at home and cook something special for Vinayak, till the latter comes back. Pakhi gets confused with his behavior and ask why he isn’t giving her the address?

Here, Virat hides the truth from Pakhi and decides to keep Vinayak and Savi’s kidnapping a secret from Pakhi, so that she won’t suffer from anymore trauma. He immediately cuts Pakhi’s call in order to avoid her questions, while she becomes confused with his behavior. Meanwhile, Sai becomes restless and gets a panic attack thinking about the danger luring on the kids.

Sahiba looks after Sai and takes her outside the hospital. She makes the latter sit on a bench, while the media surrounds them and keep asking about the situation. They keep troubling Sai asking about her reaction after seeing her kids in danger, while she gets blank. Sahiba helps her to go out of there, while the senior doctor ask the journalists to be more empathic. He proclaims that there are two innocent kids in trap of Pratap and ask them to be gentle with Sai as one if the kid is hers.

Elsewhere, Sai starts shaking fearing for the kids. She ask Sahiba that what they will do to save the kids. The latter tries to calm Sai and assures that everything will get fine. Meanwhile, Sai gets an idea and ask Sahiba to open Pratap’s social media account. They gets the laptop and checks his account, from there they finds about his ex-fiance Ruhi and goes into her account to contact the latter.

Sai gets the number of Ruhi and sends it to Virat in order to find her and bring into the hospital. They sees Pratap and Ruhi’s pictures and feels bad for the latter. Sai says that situation changes every human beings. She then types a message to Ruhi informing her about the situation and insists her to come there in order to control Pratap. She typed that only Ruhi can make Pratap stop. They then waits for the response.

Ahead, Virat reaches the hospital while Sai meets him and ask about finding Ruhi. He says that she changed her number but calms Sai assuring that he will save the kids anyhow. Meanwhile, Sai ask Sahiba to make a showpiece which Ruhi and Pratap had with them in a picture. The latter starts making it, while Virat climbs the hospital to go inside in order to save the kids. He ask the senior doctor to cut off the lights, while Pratap gets alert.

Pratap calls Virat and says that he is well aware of his plan and warns him that one of his wrong move can risk the kids life. He threatens to kill Vinayak and Savi, while Virat gets furious and goes inside the hospital. Meanwhile, Sai tries to convince Pratap to leave the kids but he demands to meet Ruhi. She then passes the showpiece made by Sahiba inside his room and stops Virat from making any noise. She tells about her plan, while Pratap gets elated upon seeing it and comes near the door.

Further, Virat pushes the door making Pratap fall down. Meanwhile, Mohit along with Chavans finds about the matter and comes to the hospital. Pakhi gets shocked and keeps shouting for Vinayak. Her health deteriorates and she falls unconscious. Whereas, Virat fights with Pratap and takes control over him. Sai meets the kids and stops Virat from harming Pratap. Virat hugs the kids while Sai sits with Pratap and shares his pain. He proclaims that there is nothing left in his life, while Sai tries to console him.

Precap:- Sai and Virat hugs the kids together. Virat gets emotional and says that Sai saved their kids. He states that she saved their Vinu’s life, while she gets confused and ask about it. At that time Pulkit calls Virat and tells that Pakhi’s condition is serious and she is admitted in the ICU. Virat gets shocked learning about it while Sai ask if everything is fine? She questions that what he was talking about Vinayak? To which Virat gets silent.

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