Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Savi misunderstands Ishaan

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 3rd June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ishaan coming to Savi’s tea stall and arguing with Savi as she is thinking about getting married. Ishaan says to Savi that she should concentrate on her studies instead of getting married. Savi asks Ishaan why does he care about what does she do and reminds Ishaan that they are divorced. Ishaan says he cares for her as a mentor. Savi says he used to be her mentor not now. Ishaan comments on Savi. Savi says to Ishaan it is none of his business and asks Ishaan to stop interfering in her business. Ishaan hits the tea away and leaves from there. Bhawar Patil is shown to have overheard their conversation. Bhawar Patil talks to Shukla and learns about Abhijeet coming to see Savi for a wedding match.

Bhawar Patil’s goons come to Abhijeet and abduct him. Bhawar Patil’s goons beat him up and warn Abhijeet to stay away from Savi.

The neighbour comes to Savi and asks Savi why did she need to send goons to beat up Abhijeet. Savi says she hasn’t sent any goons. The neighbour criticises Savi. The neighbour decides to compliant to the police about Savi and they leave from there. Savi doesn’t understand what is going on so she decides to go and meet Abhijeet.

Abhijeet gives his statement to the cops and he identifies the goons who hit when the cops show a few photos of the goons. Savi, Harini and the neighbour come to Abhijeet. Abhijeet pleads Savi to leave from here as if those goons saw him with her again then they will kill him. Savi says she hasn’t sent any goons. Abhijeet says she might not have sent those goons but someone who loves her might have sent those goons and comments on it. The cops come to Savi and say to Savi that she needs to come with them for investigation as Abhijeet is in this condition due to her. The cops take Savi to the police station.

Bhawar Patil asks Savi what is she doing here. The police inspector says to Bhawar Patil that Savi is under the investigation of half murder on Abhijeet. Bhawar Patil says Savi is not the kind of the person who will think about hurting others. Bhawar Patil after learning about the whole story decided to investigate the goons. Bhawar Patil asks Savi if she knows these goons. Savi says she doesn’t know.

Bhawar Patil interrogates the goons and finds out the truth. Bhawar Patil comes to Savi and says to Savi that Ishaan sent those goons to beat up Abhijeet. Savi couldn’t accept that Ishaan sent those goons.

Bhawar Patil takes Savi to the goons and asks the Goons to tell the truth. The Goons say that Ishaan is the one who gave money to them to beat up Abhijeet.

Bhawar Patil later takes Savi away from there. Bhawar Patil incites Savi against Ishaan saying Ishaan is trying to control her life even after the divorce that’s why he sent goons to beat up Abhijeet. Savi believes Bhawar Patil’s words and leaves from there.

Savi runs into Ishaan in the police station. Savi asks Ishaan how could he sent goons to beat up Abhijeet. Savi asks Ishaan to stop trying to control her life. Ishaan says he would never send goons to beat up others. Savi says the goons admitted that he is the one who sent them and comments on him and leaves from there.

Ishaan looks at Bhawar Patil and understands this is done by him. Ishaan comments on Bhawar Patil. Bhawar Patil indirectly warns Ishaan to stay away from Savi. Ishaan comments on Bhawar Patil and leaves from there.

Bhawar Patil comes to the goons. The goons ask Bhawar Patil for money as they did juste like he asked them. Bhawar Patil asks the goons to make sure Ishaan doesn’t find them. The goons agrees.

Savi reveals to Harini that Ishaan sent those goons to beat up Abhijeet. Harini couldn’t believe it. Savi says it is the truth and comments on it.

Ishaan thinks about what happened and says to Savi in his heart that he wishes he could tell truth to Savi about how much he loves her.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Reeva tries to feed Ishaan something. Ishaan doesn’t agree. Reeva reminds Ishaan tomorrow they are going to be married. Ishaan hearing it leaves to Savi’s tea stall and sleeps right outside the tea stall. Savi wakes up Ishaan and asks Ishaan what is he doing. Ishaan hugs Savi and cries to himself.

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