Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 4th January 2023 Written Update: Pakhi’s health deteriorates

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 4th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat hugging Savi and Vinayak being emotional after saving their life. Meanwhile, Sai sees Pratap and notices him crying. She sits along with him and tries to console the latter. She proclaims that she can understand his situation, to which he denies and states that no one can understand him. He tells about his sufferings and proclaims how Ruhi left him and he lost his true love. He gets teary eyes, while Sai also becomes emotional and signals him towards Virat. She tells about her past to him and states that she was married to him, but then he got married to someone else thinking that she is dead.

Here, Sai tells about her story to Pratap while he get shocked learning about her pain. She also cries recalling her past and makes Pratap understand that there shouldn’t be any expectations in love. She notify how they should always try to give love to the person who is valuable to them, but never expect anything in return. She states that if they gets their love back then it’s nice, but if they don’t get it back then they shouldn’t have to take any extreme step.

Sai tells Pratap that they should always have to think about the person they love and try not to hurt them by their actions. He realises his mistake and apologizes to her. He says that he have given so much of trouble to her by kidnapping her kids and regrets his deeds, while she gives him the showpiece made by Sahiba. He gets emotional upon taking it and shows his gratitude towards Sai.

Elsewhere, the police comes and takes Pratap along with them. Meanwhile, Sai hugs the kids along with Virat being relieved after seeing them safe. Sahiba notices their family hug and keeps looking at them. Whereas, Virat says that they got successful in saving both their kids. Sai gets confused with his words and ask about it, while at that time he gets a call from the hospital.

Pulkit tells Virat about the critical situation of Pakhi and ask him to come fast. He notify Sai about it as she questions if everything is fine and what he wanted to tell her. He ask her to look after the kids and rushes out of there. Pulkit tells about the danger luring upon Pakhi and scolds that she haven’t looked after herself after the surgery. He also tells that the stitches got reopened and proclaims to keep her under observation.

Ahead, Sai makes Vinayak and Savi sleep while Sahiba packs her bags to leave from there. Sai says that she really enjoyed her stay while Sahiba also replies the same. She then tells that God has not done fair to Sai by snatching her child from her. She proclaims that soon everything will get fine and ask her to have faith in God. She also tells that it doesn’t feel like Sai and Virat aren’t together and talks about the way they hugged the kids.

Sahiba tells that Sai and Virat still looks like a happy family together. She then gives some of her paintings to Sai and requests her to give it to an orphanage. She then bids adieu while Sai keeps recalling her words about Virat and her relationship. She then calls Pulkit to know about Pakhi’s condition, to which the latter ask her to come there as Pakhi is in a critical condition. Sai visits the hospital, while Pulkit tells about the complications of Pakhi.

Further, Pulkit decides to perform surgery in order to control the infection of Pakhi and ask Sai to assist him. They starts the operation while Pulkit goes out to take permission from Virat for removing Pakhi’s uterus. The latter gets shocked while Bhavani also comes there and lashes out at Sai for doing something wrong. She blames everything on the latter, while they both starts arguing. Virat scolds them and gets concerned for Pakhi, while Pulkit says that there isn’t any other way to save the latter.

Precap:- Sai sits along with Virat and says that she can understand his turmoil. She consoles him and proclaims that he have to be strong for his wife as she will need his support. She states that Virat, Pakhi and Vinayak will be a family together and no new member will be able to come in between them. Virat looks at her and states that he wants to tell her something. He was about to reveal the truth about their son Vinu, when Bhavani comes there and lashes out at Sai for snatching all the happiness from their life. She also rebukes her for the death of Vinu, while Virat stops her and shouts that Vinu is alive. Sai and Bhavani gets shocked and looks at him.

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