Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 4th November 2022 Written Update: Chavans celebrates Vinayak’s victory

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 4th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai motivating Vinayak and reminds him that he can do anything in his life. She ask him to always remember the moment of his race, so that he can encourage himself to face any difficult situation. She cheers Vinayak up, while the latter thanks her. Pakhi looks at Sai and shows her gratitude towards her for helping Vinayak. She gives credit to Sai and states that nothing could have been possible without her help. Meanwhile, Virat also thanks Sai for treating Vinayak.

Here, Virat goes towards Savi and tells her that she is also equally responsible for Vinayak’s recovery. He also apologizes for not answering her question of adoption, to which she smiles and assures him to take his time. She ask him not to worry and think clearly about his decision, while Sai becomes emotional hearing their conversation.

Sai was about to move away when Pakhi stops her and hugs her tightly. Chavans gets shocked seeing her action, while Ashwini proclaims that she is seeing a mother thanking Sai for helping her son. Bhavani proclaims that soon they will get rid of Sai and states that the returning ticket is of today. She smirks along with Sonali and waits for Sai to leave.

Elsewhere, Savi and Vinayak goes to celebrate along with their friends while Chavans smiles seeing them. Meanwhile, the bullies who used to trouble Vinayak goes towards him and ask if he will complain about them to the Principal? To which Vinayak denies and shows his gratitude towards them. They gets confused with his behavior while he says that their taunts encouraged him to perform well.

Vinayak tells his bullies that their harsh words made him to do the impossible and always motivated him to recover. The bullies realises their mistakes and becomes friends with Vinayak. Meanwhile, Savi tells Vinayak that soon they will become real brother and sisters. They both gets excited to get together and Vinayak prepares to tell his wish to Virat.

Ahead, Vinayak reaches Chavans house along with Virat and Pakhi. They gets surprised seeing the decoration for Vinayak. They all congratulates Vinayak and appreciates his efforts. They all celebrates his victory, while Shivani murmurs about packing her stuffs. She hides the matter from Virat and Sai, while Omkar also mistakenly talks about the ticket but then covers it up.

Virat and Pakhi gets confused with Chavans behavior while Bhavani notify that they are going to the pilgrimage in order to show their gratitude towards the God for recovery and victory of Vinayak. They proclaims that Virat and Pakhi will stay at home and the rest of them will go. Virat ask to take Pakhi along with them but Bhavani denies. Meanwhile, Harini states that they planned to give quality time to Virat and Pakhi.

Further, Jagtap gets on the crane and threatens Vitthal that he will suicide if the latter again tries to interfere in his life. He reminds Vitthal about his mistake to go to Chavans house while the latter apologizes to his son. They both laughs remembering their mistakes and then makes a deal. Whereas, Sai goes along with Savi while the latter shows her excitement about Vinayak’s victory. She also proclaims that soon he will fulfill his promise while Sai decides to hide the truth from everyone. She decides to raise Savi on her own.

Precap:- Virat makes his team arrest Sai while the latter struggles to get herself free. He faces her and proclaims that she is getting arrested for forcefully getting inside his house and slapping him. He continues that she also kidnapped a girl and kept her away from her father. He ask his team to take her away, while Bhavani and Sonali smiles seeing Sai in trouble. Whereas, Pakhi becomes shocked and feels bad for Sai.

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