Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 7th January 2023 Written Update: Sai ask Jagtap to find about Vikrant

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 7th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Ashwini trying to feed soup to Pakhi but the latter denies. She turns her face away, while Ashwini feels bad for Pakhi and gets emotional. She tries to convince the latter and tells that no one can change the destiny. She ask Pakhi to look at the bright side and proclaims that she have her whole life in front of her. The latter gets teary eyes and looks at Ashwini asking that why they even saved her? She states that she can’t even fulfill their wish of giving birth to her and Virat’s child, while Ashwini pacify her that she is so much more then that and they all needs her.

Here, Virat goes inside to meet Pakhi. He sits beside her and tries to console the latter. She looks at him with teary eyes and talks about not being able to give birth to their child. He ask her to stop stressing about it and proclaims that they already have their child. He reminds her about Vinayak and ask not to do anything to herself, as the latter can’t stay away from her.

Virat makes Pakhi understand that she is needed by them and have much more purpose in life, then just giving birth to their child. He states that he can understand her pain and request her to move on from it for the sake of Vinayak. He proclaims that the latter is so worried for her and dont even understand the situation. He somehow convinces Pakhi not to take any harmful step towards herself.

Elsewhere, Virat ask Pakhi to promise him that she won’t try to harm herself anymore. She looks at him and then agrees to him. He smiles at her and then goes out from there. Meanwhile, Sai sees Karishma with Vikrant in front of the hospital as he comes to drop her. She sees them hugging and confronts thr latter. She stops Karishma from going inside the hospital and takes her to the cafe.

Sai sits along with Karishma and ask her about Vikrant. She questions that what is her relationship with him, to which the latter lies. Sai says that she can’t hide the truth from her and ask to tell the reality. Karishma gets furious at Sai and lashes out at her that she isn’t anyone to her and ask her to stay away from her life. The lagter taunts Sai, but she replies that she won’t get affected by it and will surely find about the truth.

Ahead, Karishma gets worried about Sai’s decision and thinks that what if she learns about her secret. She worries about the consequences while Sai keeps recalling Karishma’s words and feels hurt. She then decides to find about Vikrant and calls Jagtap to take his help. He gets elated upon receiving her call and assures to fulfill her demand.

Sai then goes to the orohange in order to give the paintings done by Sahiba. Meanwhile, Bhavani and Virat looks at Pakhi from the other side of the mirror. Virat request Bhavani not to remind Pakhi about her state and tells that they already have a family and doesn’t need any other kid. Bhavani states that she was doing everything for their betterment only but they won’t be able to understand her intention. She accepts Virat’s request and agrees not to say anything in front of Pakhi.

Further, Sai sees a kid crying and goes to console it. She then hears the caretakers talking about her bus accident case and finds about the survivor kid. She gets alert and tries to find about him. She sees the note regarding the accident and grows restless. She confronts a caretaker and ask about the kid but she denies to give any information to Sai. The latter gets impatient and proclaims to find about the truth anyhow.

Precap:- Sai finds about Abhimanyu and decides to interrogate about her lost child Vinu. Meanwhile, Virat comes there and ask Abhimanyu for a favor. He states that someone else also can come to ask about the kid Vinu, to which the latter replies that the person is already there and points towards Sai. Meanwhile, Virat gets shocked seeing her.

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