Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 7th June 2022 Written Update:Chavans gets devastated seeing Samrat’s dead body

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 7th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai and Virat trying to keep Samrat awake and insists him to fight for his life. Whereas, he remembers about Pakhi and says that she must be waiting for him. He ask Sai and Virat to look after Pakhi and gives them responsibility to give all the happiness to her. He takes a promise from Sai and Virat to look after his mother and Pakhi after his demise, while they cries hearing his words. Sai assures that he will survive, but Samrat tells that his death is near. Virat drives hurridly to the hospital, while Samrat keeps a hand on Sai’s belly and ask to give his love to her baby.

Here, Sai and Virat takes Samrat inside the hospital and Virat goes to call the doctor. Whereas, Sai motivates Samrat to keep his eyes open. He ask her to support Virat and gives strength to him. He states that he won’t be able to survive and takes his last breath. Sai gets shocked seeing it and screams his name.

Virat comes there along with the doctor and the latter checks Samrat. He declares him to be dead, while Virat becomes devastated and denies to accept it. He looks at Sai and ask the doctor not to lie. Whereas, Sai starts crying by holding Samrat’s body.

Elsewhere, Virat also gets broken and cries for the demise of Samrat. Meanwhile, Pakhi tells her plan with Karishma about taking Samrat out for the dinner. The latter teases Pakhi and ask if Mansi knows about it? Pakhi remembers her close moments with Samrat and decides to ask Mansi about going along with them.

Pakhi comes ties Mansi and sees her worried. She ask about the problem, while the latter shares that how the frame gets broken. Pakhi takes the photo from Mansi and clicks it’s picture in her phone. She gives it back to Mansi stating that she can see the phone whenever she remembers the.

Ahead, Sonali praises Pakhi for her idea and then compliments her look. Pakhi ask Mansi if she will come along with her and Samrat? To which the latter gets happy seeing the progress in their life and ask her to enjoy with Samrat. Others also denies to come along with them and ask them to enjoy their quality time.

Bhavani gets emotional seeing Pakhi’s happiness and says that she is proud of her. Pakhi tells that she have decided to move on in her life with Samrat, while other gets impressed with her decision. She gets worried for Samrat as he gets late, while Shivani teases her. She calls Samrat and then Sai but no one picks her call.

Further, Sai comes there and everyone gets shocked seeing her state. They questions her about the matter, while Virat also comes behind her. Pakhi ask about Samrat, while hospital staffs brings his body and keeps it on the floor. Chavans gets shocked seeing it and denies to believe that he is dead. Pakhi confronts Sai about the truth, while the latter notify how Jagtap killed Samrat while saving her. Pakhi blames Sai and slaps her hard.

Precap:- Pakhi shouts at Sai stating that she was the one who killed Samrat. She states that Sai knew about Jagtap’s obsession with her, still called Samrat to pick her instead of Virat. She blames Sai and then ask Samrat to wake up. She says that he can’t leave her and cries, while others gets devastated seeing her condition.

Episode starts with Jagtap abducting Sai and forcefully makes her sit inside the car. Whereas, Samrat fights with the goons in order to save Sai. He was about to go towards her, when Jagtap drives over the car upon Samrat. The latter falls on the road being severely injured, while Sai gets shocked seeing his state. She shouts his name and tries to stop Jagtap in order to save Samrat. Sai becomes devastated and requests Jagtap to leave her, she gets worried about Samrat and prays for his life. Whereas, Jagtap declares that he will marry her and proclaims to win her over Virat.

Here, Sai notify Jagtap about her pregnancy and says that she will never become his. He gets furious and declares to start a new life with her. He decides to abort her child, while she gets shocked and proclaims to protect her unborn child. She tries to make him stop the car, but gets unsuccessful.

Sai falls on the seat and brings her phone out of the purse without letting Jagtap notice it. She immediately sends a message to Viet asking for help, while he gets tensed for her and rushes to save her. He reaches her location and shot on the tire of Jagtap’s car, to make it stop.

Elsewhere, Jagtap comes out of his car and starts fighting with Virat while the latter also fight and pours his anger out on jagtap. Sai shouts at Virat to stop fighting and tries to tell him about Samrat’s condition. She somehow gets out of the car and stops Virat. She notify him about Samrat, while the latter gets shocked.

Jagtap was about to run away from there but Virat shot at his leg. The police team also arrives there, while Virat goes along with Sai to rescue Samrat. They reaches the place and gets devastated seeing his condition. They puts him inside the car and Sai ask Virat to drive fast. She tries to stop Samrat’s bleeding and cries seeing his state.

Ahead, Mansi shows Samrat and Pakhi’s photo frame to the family members. She praises them as a couple, while everyone agrees about it. She decides to out the frame inside her room, while Sonali ask for the frame to see the picture and compliments it. She was about to return it to Mansi, but the frame falls down and gets broken. They all gets shocked and worries about Samrat.

Pakhi gets ready to give a surprise to Samrat. She becomes excited about their dinner plan and thinks that he will be happy. Karishma confronts Pakhi and questions that why is she getting ready, to which the latter notify about her plan. Pakhi thinks about Samrat and blushes, while Karishma notices her happiness.

Further, Virat remembers her childhood memories with Samrat and cries, while the latter tells Virat that he returned back to Chavan Niwas only for him. Sai and Virat gets emotional as Samrat talks about their baby and tell Sai to notify her childrens about him. He says that it’s his time to go, while Sai stops him from saying such things. He ask Virat to always look upto his mother and gives her all the love. He talks about Pakhi and says that she must be waiting for him.

Precap:- Sai and Virat takes Samrat to the hospital, while Virat goes to bring the doctor. Whereas, Sai ask Samrat to stay strong but he replies that it’s his time to go. He ask her to support Virat, while the latter comes there along with the doctor. The doctor checks Samrat but replies that he is no more. Sai and Virat gets devastated.

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