Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 7th June 2024 Written Update: Reeva makes a promise to Surekha

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 7th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhawar Patil coming to the Bhosle Institute to arrest Ishaan. Bhawar Patil asks the constable to arrest Ishaan. Yashwant says he can’t arrest Ishaan just based on FIR. Bhawar Patil shows to Yashwant that they have arrest warrant against Ishaan. Bhawar Patil is about to take Ishaan away. Nishikanth calls commissioner for help to stop Bhawar Patil from taking Ishaan away but commissioner says he can’t do anything. Bhawar Patil takes Ishaan out of the Bhosle Institute. Bhawar Patil makes Ishaan get into his car and takes him to the police station. The reporters say to the news station that Ishaan is arrested by the cops.

Bhawar Patil throws Ishaan into a cell. Bhawar Patil says to Ishaan that there is no proof to prove him innocent and says to Ishaan that he will be in jail for a long time. Reeva says it will not happen and says her father hired the best criminal lawyer and says Ishaan will get out of jail pretty soon. Bhawar Patil says it is not possible to get bail in this kind of case.

Yashwant, Nishikanth, Savi and Chinmay come to the police station with bail papers for Ishaan. Bhawar Patil thinks Yashwant hired a really big lawyer to get bail for Ishaan. Savi says she told the truth to the Judge that Ishaan was with her the whole night.

Savi calls Chinmay and says to Chinmay that Ishaan was with her the whole night and says she is ready to tell the truth anywhere. Savi says to Bhawar Patil that Ishaan is with her the whole night. Bhawar Patil asks Savi why is she lying for Ishaan and comments on him. Yashwant mocks Bhawar Patil and asks him to release Ishaan. Ishaan gets released.

Ishaan comes to Savi and asks Savi why did she lie that he was with her the whole night. Savi says to Ishaan that she can’t see him in trouble and says she trusts he would never do something like this. Savi says that’s why she did it. Savi asks Ishaan where did he go after leaving her house. Ishaan says he slept right outside her house. Savi asks Ishaan why did he do it. Ishaan says he doesn’t know and leaves from there.

Reeva questions Ishaan why was he in Savi’s house the whole night. Reeva asks Ishaan if he loves Savi. Yashwant asks Ishaan to speak out and says due to him he had to take Savi’s help. Yashwant raises his hand at Ishaan as he gets angry with his behaviour. Reeva stops Yashwant. Yashwant gives an ultimatum to Ishaan that if he talks to Savi again then he will break off his ties with her. Yashwant leaves from there. Ishaan tries to talk to Reeva. Reeva stops Ishaan.

Savi returns to her tea stall. Savi sees on her tea stall wall there are rude comments about her and Ishaan. Savi asks the students who did this. The students and the cops pass comments on Ishaan. Savi scolds them. Shukla sends them away. Savi thinks she needs to bring out the truth. Savi recalls seeing Filmy Artist Association visiting card in Suman’s purse so she decides to go there to search for Suman.

Surekha says to Reeva that Savi is trying to get close to Ishaan that’s why she is doing all of this. Surekha asks Reeva to promise her that she will seperate Ishaan from Savi. Reeva promises Surekha.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Ishaan and Savi get ready for their wedding but bomb blasts go off in their wedding. Someone is shown to be shooting. Ishaan and Savi hug each other.

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