Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 7th November 2022 Written Update: Virat confronts Sai about the truth

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 7th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat thinking about Savi and determines to stop her from leaving along with Sai. He drives his car rashly and gets furious at Sai for hiding the truth from him. He recalls the time when Savi used to write messages for her father on the tree and he unknowingly replied it. He also gets flashes of his emotional moments with Savi and gets teary eyes. He determines to get his daughter back and keeps driving the car to reach the bus stand as soon as possible. Meanwhile, he gets stuck in a traffic and becomes worried about loosing his daughter. He gets out of his car and proclaims that he can’t afford to loose Savi again.

Here, Virat tries to find some ways to reach the bus stand and then sees a police coming on his bike. He brings out his identify proof as a police officer and shows it to the other officer to stop him. He salutes Virat after learning about his identity while Virat takes his bike and then goes towards the bus stand. He keeps assuring him that he wont let Sai take away his daughter.

Virat reaches the bus stand while Sai gets on the bus along with Usha and Savi. They gets settled on their seat while Sai feels emotional. She recalls Savi’s wish to meet her father, while the latter carries a letter for her father in her hand. Sai misses to notice it while Virat keeps searching inside all the buses.

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Elsewhere, Virat shouts Savi’s name and looks for Sai and her. He gets anxious as he couldn’t able to find them. He starts to loose his hope but then recalls Jagtap’s words that Savi is Virat’s daughter. He gets motivated to find her and goes out of the bus. He screams Savi’s name and breaks down. He also recalls his bond with Savi and gets sentimental.

Savi’s letter flies away from the bus and reachea near Virat. He gets it and sees the drawing and words written by Savi. He gets elated and smiles with teary eyes. He starts searching for her and goes inside the bus. He finds Sai sitting along with Savi and snatches the latter from her. Sai gets shocked and tries to stop him, but he goes out of the bus carrying Savi in his arms.

Ahead, Sai lashes out at Virat for his behavior while he glares at her and then puts her hands on Savi’s head and ask about her father. He questions that if he is Savi’s father while Sai gets shocked and tries to stay quiet. She proclaims that he don’t have any right to ask her questions while he gets furious and makes her confess that he is the father of Savi.

Virat rebukes Sai for keeping his daughter away from him and expresses his emotions. She reminds him about his behavior towards her before she left the house and questions that why he never tried to search for her when her bus got into an accident? He replies that he thought she died in the accident while she states that how can he believe a small piece of information without getting confirmed. Virat states that why she didn’t called them, to which she reminds him about their fight.

Further, Virat blames Sai to be a selfish mother and denies to give Savi back to her. He tells that their daughter used to cry asking about her father but Sai never told her about him. Whereas, she lashes out at him for marrying Pakhi while he raises his voice against her and stops her from uttering anything. He forcefully takes away Savi along with him while Sai gets shocked. She tries to stop him but he sits inside the can and leaves from there.

Precap:- Sai comes towards Chavans house in order to take Savi back but the police team stops her from going inside. She starts fighting with them while Virat comes there and ask them to arrest her. He proclaims that she forcefully tried to get inside his house and even hitted the on duty police officer. He ask his team to arrest her while they takes her inside the jeep. She tries to stop them and struggles to get her daughter back, while Pakhi and Ashwini gets emotional.

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