Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 8th January 2023 Written Update: Karishma decides to leave the house

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 8th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Sai getting a hope to find her lost child Vinu. She insists the caretaker to give her information about the child but the latter denies stating that it is against their protocol. She then request her to atleast give Anandi’s number, so that she can directly talk with her about the case but the caretaker replies that Anandi is out of station and is enjoying her vacation with the family. She states that she can’t give Anandi’s personal number to Sai, as the latter has instructed not to disturb her during the vacation.

Here, Sai cries losing her hope to find her son but motivates herself that she will somehow have to find about him. She prays to God in order to help her in reaching her son Vinu and proclaims that she won’t loose the opportunity to search for her lost son. Meanwhile, she decides to send a voice message to Virat in order to ask him got Anandi’s number.

Sai immediately records a voice note telling Virat about the matter. She says that she came to the orphanage to donate Sahiba’s paintings but found an information about their son Vinu. She states that her hopes are high that they will be able to find him if they try and proclaims that she have a gut feeling that he is their son only.

Elsewhere, Sai was about to send the voice note to Virat when she stops herself and think that it will be wrong. She questions herself that what if the child wasn’t her son and it will only give high hopes to Virat. She worries about him and proclaims that she don’t want to revive his old wounds. She states that they have buried it inside them with so much of difficulty and doesn’t want to bring it back.

Sai gets an idea and decides to message Virat. She directly asks him for Anandi’s number without telling about anything. Meanwhile, Chavans wait for Virat to bring Pakhi back to the house. He brings her there on the wheelchair while Ashwini and others smiles seeing her and performs her aarti. Virat then takes Pakhi to her new room and says that it will be convenient to her as it is downstairs.

Ahead, Virat sees Pakhi crying and ask her about it, to which she says that previously the house members were so happy to bring her back from hospital but not this time. Virat sits near her and makes her understand that everyone can feel her pain and is with her in this tough situation. He ask her to understand their feelings too and says that they all cares for her. At that time he gets a message from Sai and becomes shocked.

Virat was about to leave the house when he sees Mohit lashing out at Karishma. Everyone gathers around there while he ask her to tell the truth about his extra-marital affair. Everyone gets shocked while Mohit reveals the truth in front of all. Karishma also accepts it and balmes Mohit for it. She states that he was never with her when she needed him. He was about to slape her but Virat stops him. Sonali rebukes them for creating chaos and states that they should have solved it inside their room.

Further, Karishma decides to leave the house while Bhavani stops her and gives a warning that if she leaves then she won’t be able to come back. The latter stays firm on her decision, while Virat holds her asking to stop. She glares at him and tells to leave her hand. She reminds him about his mistake of marrying Pakhi as Sai left the house. Bhavani tries to justify Virat’s action while Karishma keeps blaming him and decides to go to Vikrant’s house.

Precap:- Sai finds about Abhimanyu and decides to interrogate about her lost child Vinu. Meanwhile, Virat comes there and ask Abhimanyu for a favor. He states that someone else also can come to ask about the kid Vinu, to which the latter replies that the person is already there and points towards Sai. Meanwhile, Virat gets shocked seeing her.

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